more from my bitty studio table – – day 16759 (or something like that)


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as I learn… I understand in the uncomfortable places that there are things you see, that can’t be unseen. things heard you can’t unhear. things experienced that will always be a part of you.

…but those hard things seen,
are not “you”
they are only part of you. Continue reading

seeing it


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there are things that change you.


stuff comes at us and if you are still breathing (during and after), it changes you.

there are those, those I’ve known, that change in unpleasant ways. they become selfish, self-centered, demanding, demeaning, bitter, biting, you know the type. they tout the drama on everyone and social media… (because that’s how it’s done anymore)

and there are those that rise. a thing stirs in their heart and soul, and it’s as if they actually got the truth, the message from their Creator saying, “oh sweet soul, this stuff coming at you is not from Me, but if you work through it, trust Me, I’m gonna make it worth your while…I’ve promised this to you all along.” (and those are the social media post I, myself, adore and relish and admire) Continue reading

oh hi – some true truth


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I mean… oh hi beautiful soul!

Oh my goodness – you’re still here.

(thank you)

I know it’s been a bit since I’ve written.
(24 days to be exact)

Life gets bumpy….

But for now…this is all you need to know.
….you find what you’re looking for.

Maybe not at first… but you keep looking. Looking like you mean it.

And then, it just starts showing up…

…the good stuff that money can’t buy.

And Sweet Soul, look for the good stuff…. the really good stuff.
Because you will find it. No matter what your bumps in life are…you’ll find it.


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from a to z… the letter E


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a find on miracle walk

a find on miracle walk

It’s hard to know if an idea is original or not. And even if it is, search google–and you’ll realize someone had the same original idea (which makes it not so original… to one of us).

So, maybe this was an original idea to me… and I’m sure someone else had the idea too — there is no possible way I’m the only one who has thought about this. (I’ve since learned I’m not alone on this idea.)

What this is, is, going on a walk.
Not just a walk.
It’s a special walk.
It can happen at any time, any place, anywhere.

It’s a miracle walk. Continue reading

from a to z… the letter D


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“That is so gay.”

These were the words slipping out of my mouth with ease as I stood in the kitchen of friends who are…gay.

Wow, I’m an idiot.

He was describing with self-deprecating and hilarious remarks about the antics he goes through to make this cheesecake. It’s amazing. The cheesecake. Really wildly amazing. And in the midst of laughing I blurted it out…!

I swear the air left the room. I looked at my friend like a deer in headlights… because he is gay. And I just said gay. And I suddenly realized what I had done. Right. There.

Why didn’t I say “that is so crazy!” or “omgosh you are…incorrigible!” ? Continue reading

from a to z… the letter C


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be kindDear Radiant Sweet Soul,

I had just scanned my lottery tickets at the machine that one day will ring bells and whistles for me. Oh, why yes, I DO play. Because I dream…

And one day… when the bells and whistle go off, I will build a center for people to come be creative, receive therapy, and heal, …for free.

Anyhoo, I had won $15. Yup. And was headed to the customer service counter to cash out and recycle into new tickets. Continue reading

from a to z… the letter B


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Sacred Breath

original painted wood block art by Sherry – click picture for link

Hello Sweet Soul,

A week into new year, how did the first “A” soul care go? If you are anything like me (and her, and him, and them), it’s already challenged you. Keeping peace with constant change is a big BIG challenge.

This week’s SoulCare Card (letter B) focuses on something you do without thought. During the day. While you sleep. In the shower, during meal-time, when you’re driving, singing, yelling, and paying the bills. Most of the time zero effort is required. Which is a really good thing. But maybe….for a few moments every day you could do it better.

It’s breathing. (but not like you’re thinking–I’ll guess)  Continue reading

from a to z… the letter A


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Happy New Year Sweet Soul,

I need to tell you this, I already imploded on the new year.

I mean I made my to do list and goals so big and massive and detailed and….
(I kinda over did it)

Did you? Please say I’ve got some company in this over-striving time of year.

The truth is, I don’t do new years resolutions. I don’t. But goals and ideas and dreams (because I am a VERY BIG dreamer) are my mode. And I make plans, set course, and like to get going as soon as possible.

But on day two of a new year, the path already got too steep. Changes and circumstances (or stuff I just didn’t consider) already messed me up. Continue reading

what is true…the door, the next step


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This has been the year I NEVER expected.


ever. Continue reading

what is true…being Ralph


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Curtains_BlowingDear Giving and Needing Soul (that’s you and me),

I know it’s been hard.

I do.

Did you also see that it’s hard for them too?

All of us, we’re facing battles no one sees. The battles that if they knew… they wouldn’t be so……something unkind, or selfish, or judging.

Sweet Soul, I know you sometimes feel alone. On your own. Neglected. Ignored. Abused…in one way or another. And it’s been a long time like this.

I also know, you’ve been aware of this in others too. Sometimes it’s easier to see in others than ourselves. Sometimes we can’t see anything beyond our own nose because we hurt so very bad.

I know. Continue reading

and that happened… a journal page


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Ah, not a typical post.

Well not typical…yet.

I do “art.”
I teach “art.”
I teach other’s to be “creative.”
I try, attempt, and am “creative.”

But for some reason, lately, I haven’t taken the time for me, alone, all by myself, to be creative without a goal in mind. I’ve been so busy helping others.

It was time for me to set aside a moment for me.

Last week was that time. Continue reading

what is true…dreams


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5x5_truthcard_080Dear Worthy Soul,

“Some may say I’m a dreamer…
but I’m not the only one.”

A while back, I sat in front of a publishing editor, and as he looked at my business card and all those little letters and words under my name, the one thing he noted, and commented on, arrived like this: “you are a dreamer? tell me about that.”

Where would I start, what would be too much, what was the most important part about being a dreamer should I say….? Was that the most silly thing I had ever committed to–and would anyone get it? Continue reading

what is true…the crumbs


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Dear Soul with Crumbs,

In the end, no crumbs need to be left behind.

What I mean is that: God, the Creator, the Source, the Universe (whatever you deem and call a higher power) does not leave crumbs.

Oh Dear Soul, know that every last bit of things that have happen to you…are ready to be used. The good, the bad, the ugly–wrongs and injustice. It’s all waiting with potential for re-purposed good.

But let’s talk about the bad and ugly for a moment… because really dear Soul, I know you’ve been focusing on those things. Continue reading

what is true…love


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Dear Me,

This is about the truth.

The truth that’s all around you.

Can you hear it?

It’s quieter than the noise in your ears. It’s softer than the noise from others–social media–magazines–and labels inside the clothes that got too tight (if you didn’t already cut out the label). Gentler than that blogger with all the comments–the artist who is stealing ideas images style and seems to be doing better than you. Kinder than the person who rejected you for something that looks “better” on the outside and is the new “interest” you can’t compete against. Continue reading

what is true…your path


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Dear You (you with the brave soul),

This cross-road you’re at, please don’t let it be the thing that stops you.

I know both roads look as good as the other.

I know you’ve been standing there, thinking, wondering, evaluating, praying, crying, worrying. Afraid you’ll choose the wrong road.

Two roads, two paths, two choices (and sometimes even a third choice).

So brave soul, I know you’re stuck. And I want to give you something to think about. Maybe it’s advice, because I’ve been in your shoes time and time again. Continue reading