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Ah, not a typical post.

Well not typical…yet.

I do “art.”
I teach “art.”
I teach other’s to be “creative.”
I try, attempt, and am “creative.”

But for some reason, lately, I haven’t taken the time for me, alone, all by myself, to be creative without a goal in mind. I’ve been so busy helping others.

It was time for me to set aside a moment for me.

Last week was that time.

Today I share with you one of the ways I process. It’s personal work. It’s therapy. It’s not for any purpose or anyone else… But you know what? Is that ever true? Is there anything we can do that doesn’t have purpose? I think the answer is no. Everything has purpose – be it good, bad, or ugly.

When I started the art-journal page (that’s what this is), I turned on the video-cam and captured the process of going from nothing to something. And I share with you.

The music is by Laura Rhinehart – song: Disguise. She makes “soaking music.” I always imagine angels must dance to this… it’s ethereal in my ears.

I hope you enjoy…

Oh, and sweet soul, if you’re a local {Sacramento-ish Area} peep, you can {you really should} join an art journaling class. New new stuff starting in January – join a tribe – I promise to take the fear out of being creative – step by guided step, you {yes even you}, will be making some beautiful stuff – and it will do your soul good. Check it out at CreateheART


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