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Curtains_BlowingDear Giving and Needing Soul (that’s you and me),

I know it’s been hard.

I do.

Did you also see that it’s hard for them too?

All of us, we’re facing battles no one sees. The battles that if they knew… they wouldn’t be so……something unkind, or selfish, or judging.

Sweet Soul, I know you sometimes feel alone. On your own. Neglected. Ignored. Abused…in one way or another. And it’s been a long time like this.

I also know, you’ve been aware of this in others too. Sometimes it’s easier to see in others than ourselves. Sometimes we can’t see anything beyond our own nose because we hurt so very bad.

I know.

Sometimes, I think we just have to help when we feel helpless. Breathe when we feel deflated. Hug when we feel prickly. Smile when we are depressed, grumpy, crabby, inconsolable.

Sometimes we are Ralph.
Sometimes we know Ralph.
(hold on, you’ll see)

I have been Ralph. When someone is just trying to do good to me, but I was ready to bite. I didn’t trust. I didn’t want help. In fact sometimes I would choose to starve before I  let anyone feed me. All because I had been abused one too many times.

Sweet Soul. You are either Ralph…or you know Ralph.

Either way, don’t give up hope.

Meet Ralph.
(don’t worry, you won’t see anything horrible, only things that will soften a hard heart)
watching all the minutes makes the difference – you’ll see
(3:30…hope, 4:25…heartbreak, 5:30…my first tear – and it just get’s better and better, 6:25…Grinch’s small heart grew three sizes that day)

song at the end: Coldplay – “Fix You”

Sweet Giving and Needing Soul,
Consider the Ralphs.
Let someone help.
Or you help… and don’t give up.

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