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Happy New Year Sweet Soul,

I need to tell you this, I already imploded on the new year.

I mean I made my to do list and goals so big and massive and detailed and….
(I kinda over did it)

Did you? Please say I’ve got some company in this over-striving time of year.

The truth is, I don’t do new years resolutions. I don’t. But goals and ideas and dreams (because I am a VERY BIG dreamer) are my mode. And I make plans, set course, and like to get going as soon as possible.

But on day two of a new year, the path already got too steep. Changes and circumstances (or stuff I just didn’t consider) already messed me up.

All this to say, I’ve been working on a little list of “A to Z” stuff for 2014. A “cleanse” you might say. Or “SoulCare Cards.” Things that I think are worth working on… one week at a time. AND the ironic thing is that I already need to focus on my first “A to Z” caring, cleansing thought. ….funny how that happens. A dose of my own medicine.

So without further ado Sweet Soul, and on the 1st Friday of the new year, may I present to you the letter A. The first SoulCard Card.

Accept Transience.
Life is short and full of changes.
Nothing is permanent.
And that’s not a bad thing.
Call it change. Call it “a season.”
Call it what you want.
But each of us move in and out of pleasure, hardship,
joy, pain, contentment, and melancholy.
Be open.
See what there is to learn in it.
Attempt thankfulness in everything.



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