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“That is so gay.”

These were the words slipping out of my mouth with ease as I stood in the kitchen of friends who are…gay.

Wow, I’m an idiot.

He was describing with self-deprecating and hilarious remarks about the antics he goes through to make this cheesecake. It’s amazing. The cheesecake. Really wildly amazing. And in the midst of laughing I blurted it out…  Thats.so.gay!

I swear the air left the room. I looked at my friend like a deer in headlights… because he is gay. And I just said gay. And I suddenly realized what I had done. Right. There.

Why didn’t I say “that is so crazy!” or “omgosh you are…incorrigible!” ?

And honestly, the way he made cheesecake was nothing short of Martha Stewart. AND THAT’S WHAT I SHOULD HAVE SAID. Because, really, is there a gay way to make a cheesecake?

No. (and if there is, I don’t know about it)

I’ve pretty much stopped that language. But I still have terrible tendencies about saying “you retard.” Somehow I think I get a free pass because I have an aunt who is “retarded.” I know there are better ways to say this, more politically correct ways. But when I was little, my aunt was described as retarded.

All that to say that I should not be using that word.

So sweet soul, this is for me…maybe you.

How often do we use a word to describe someone, or something, that is all together wrong. Even in jest. And our most offensive digs come via adjectives about: appearance, sex, intelligence.

It’s a hard habit to break if you do it. And the problem is, we forget better adjectives. Or just don’t know any.

…maybe it’s time we do. learn some. and use them. and watch our language that has nothing to do with watching our language of common expletives of sh!t, fu¢|<, and b!t¢h.

Decently Describe and Define.
Find new words that describe and define things, people, circumstances that do not come at the cost of another’s race, sex, appearance, or intelligence.



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