Happy Friday

Happy Friday!  I’m trying to make it “happy” cause I’d rather be in bed….I’m getting sick.  Which freaks me out cause I’m cooking at a “soup kitchen” of sorts tomorrow, and I NEED to be healthy!  So I’m doing everything I can to be Happy and well…. 

“Believing” is half of “being” right?!?!?  So I am believing that I will be well.

Anyways, today I thought I’d just share a music video I LOVE.  It’s by Natalie Grant, and it’s called “In Better Hands”.  I love playing this song on the piano and belting out the lyrics when I’m home alone.  It’s really a song that has become my personal Anthem.

It absolutely amazes me that this song is getting played in Target (one of my favorite stores).  I have heard it at least 7 times while shopping now.  When the song comes on I wonder, “does anyone hear this?  does anyone know this is a Christian song?”  When the line “it’s like the breath of Jesus, is right here in this room” plays over the store music system, I start to smile and look around to see if anyone heard it.  Most people are too preoccupied to even know that music is playing in the store.  But once, there was a gal about 10 feet away from me, she saw me looking around at “that moment” and caught my eye.  I was smiling and she said, “Yeah, I can’t believe they play this song”.  My smile grew HUGE and I said “I think it is so cool”.  She agreed.

Here’s the video – I hope you love it

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