Foie Gras

This isn’t my typical type of post… but I wanted to share.  Last night was my “birthday dinner”, even though it’s not officially my birthday yet.  Rather, I have birthday weeks.  A girl only gets a birthday once a year, so I make the most of mine!

Typically my mom makes me a birthday dinner; something she loves to do since one of the ways my mom spells love is C-O-O-K-I-N-G.  My mom is a top notch fabulous cook, any skills I have come from her.  But since Mom is in Sioux Falls now, I had to resort to the second best meal I know:  The Kitchen.

Last night my wonderful husband took me out to dinner at The Kitchen.  It was a splurge…but remember, a girl only has a birthday once a year!  If you want to read a “writers” experience at The Kitchen… this article does nicely: SacBee – The Kitchen (check out the video too!!)  The chef, Noah Zonca, is a great guy.  Gregarious and as funny/witty as people come, OH and very VERY talented at his craft of cooking.  I totally dig that guy.

 Sherry with Noah Zonca

The meal was magnificent!  It’s a 6-course meal and at “half-time” as I call it, they serve an amazing course of Sashimi (raw fish)… but I’m terribly allergic to anything that lives or swims in the water.  So, upon request, Noah made me a special course of Fioe Gras.  If you don’t know what that is, let me take a minute to gross you out…   Fioe Gras (pronounced faw-graw) is a fancy French name for…liver.  But not just any liver, it’s a duck or goose that has been fed a fatty diet.  So the end product, Fioe Gras, is buttery smooth.  I think there are many people that protest this product, and that the animal is treated unfairly….  But I’m a SERIOUS carnivore (I love meat), and I crave this indulgent rare treat.  Noah gave me a very generous portion.  It is such a rich food that you only eat a little bit, like 1 or at best 2 ounces.  I had a plate of probably 6 ounces and I ate half of it.  I paid for this mindless mistake.

There is a phrase I forgot as I consume this special dish:  “Too much of a good thing“.  I think what resulted from eating this indulgent and fatty meal was probably a gallbladder attack.  Oh how I loved the Fioe Gras, and oh how I wish I didn’t eat as much of it as I did…  There is probably some Proverb that should come to mind about this experience, but I’m drawing a blank.  Now it’s morning and I feel MUCH better.  I think I will dine on soothing mint tea and delicious salty saltine crackers the rest of the day  🙂  Maybe, just maybe, I’ll treat myself to some frozen yogurt this evening.

Lastly: Mom thanks for the beautiful flowers…  You are the best – LOVE you!  Mom, if it wasn’t for you, I wouldn’t be.   And I wouldn’t be able to celebrate birthdays in my crazy ways (gallbladder attacks and all).

Flowers from Mom

♥ ~ Sherry

4 thoughts on “Foie Gras

  1. Hi Sherry!
    Nice to see you at coffee this morning, although we didn’t get a chance to chat..was going to tell you I’ve checked out your web site once before – .its very cool! especially the pages about your tiger kitties…loved that part 🙂
    anyways, also liked this post about the Foie Gras…funny!

    I’ll have to go try it at that restaurant, which I havent heard of before..

    Anyways, your web site is so cool..really like the way its put together

    Ok thats my comment, such as it is..
    See you Tuesday, and Happy Fourth!

  2. The Kitchen is my absolute favorite restaurant and Noah is the BEST! But the mind boggling thing to me is that you are 40!!! I thought you were maybe 30 – you look fabulous!
    Continuing to enjoy your website a few times a week – it is so inspiring to me! (so that is why my comments are a little late in coming on some of these writings. 🙂

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