Thoughts on Forty

Thoughts on FortyS.Meneley 5/24/09

Today I’m turning forty; I don’t want to be half “done”.
I only starting realizing, my life has just begun.

I never knew just what it meant: “Life passes before your eyes”.
But now that I’m standing in this place, I understand the speed of time.

At the young and tender age of five, I was ready to grow up fast.
I went to school and read big books; being a “baby” was in the past.

Turning ten was another milestone, as well as becoming thirteen.
I had to remind my parents quite often, that I was smarter than I seemed.

Sixteen was sweet, as it should be; I could date boys and drive a car.
I tested the limits of my parents trust, as I often took liberties too far.

Eighteen and I was off to college, I thought life had finally started.
Juggling term papers, jobs and paying bills was hard work and a world uncharted.

Twenty-one meant I was a true adult, ready to face life on my own.
I’d fall and make plenty of mistakes; it was harder than the younger years I had known.

During the next several years of life, I would learn, see and do so much.
Working hard to get ahead each day, and slowly feeling a bit more lost in the rush.

And now I’m forty, young at heart, I’m loved and blessed and cherished.
There’s a new type of Life growing in me, old ways and thoughts have perished.

I don’t want to waste the moments I have, and my time left on Earth to live.
I want to share this love and light to many; I have so much to give.

At forty I cherish people in my life, and new connections I make each day.
Tomorrow is a gift with adventures unknown; I’m learning to let go and be mold-able clay.

♥ ~ Sherry

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