God is that You? (Part 2)

So I’m still working through God’s voice verses my own thoughts…  It would be far easier if God would just talk through a big ol megaphone out of the clouds…  Can you imagine?!?  If that happened I would probably 1) fall out of my chair and then 2) be on my way to the “funny farm” for a little “vacation”.  But at least direction would be clear and undeniable.

Now during the week I’ve been faced with many incoming messages related to obiediance.  It’s come in the form of encouraging words from friends, devotionals, songs on the radio, random things I read, stuff I’ve seen on TV, etc… It’s funny how often when I’m working through a concept or struggling with something that the message keeps coming at me in different forms.  Do you know what I mean?  I know I’m not the only on that gets bombarded with repeat information when God is trying to get a point across.  I kinda dig this!… AND when this happens I know for sure God is talking.

Yet I’m still struggling with this “idea” of what God might be asking of me.  Now, you might be thinking “what is wrong with that girl, can’t she tell when God is trying to give her a message?”   BUT I reserve to wait for “a sign”, cause I really don’t want to go wrong here.  While God is talking to me about obedience and making me more patient and mold-able, I am learning to wait on His time line and only by His will.  I will wait for irrefutable instruction from Him.  And I feel confident God will make it irrefutably clear to me.  Until then I will be patient and wait in readiness.

See what I’ve learned is that even in the most “God Honoring” things we get involved with, it doesn’t always equate to God’s will.  While I might be gung-ho, ready to set the world on fire and running ahead doing all types of great things in God’s name – I might be missing the “special thing” God has in mind for me.  It’s like ordering off the menu, but not waiting to hear about the specials. And I see this type of thing happen all the time.  I see people in ministries that they don’t appear to be well suited for, or trying to use gifts that they don’t really have (from my humble point of view of course), or getting involved with God honoring projects in the wrong seasons of their life.  Heck, I’ve done this.  It’s easy to fall into this type of thing.  In short, we start doing great God-things, full force, yet we are going up a creek without the proverbial paddle.  God’s paddle.  Get it?  So, I will wait for the boat God wants me to jump into, fully equipped with paddles (and hopefully an engine or mighty big sails… I’m not a fan of paddling)  🙂

So I’m being super careful…  To careful?  Maybe.  But what I know for sure is this: as I wait on God for a ‘clear as day’ answer/direction/instruction, I am seeking God through His Word, and through resources and smart people who are wise and have discernment.  And that in itself is growth and progress.  AND I think that process itself, digging deeper to understand God and continually solidifying our relationship with Him, pleases Him.

Alrighty then, I’m gonna make a call out again for comments on how you go about knowing when God is asking you to do something.  What’s the ‘acid test’ you use?

And now a little something light, entertaining and thought provoking.  Some of you have probably seen this… but it’s worth sharing again and it feels a little timely in the whole scheme of letting God make our decisions.  Enjoy  🙂

~ Sherry

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    • LOL!! There is such GREAT stuff out there for illustrations, I dig all these videos. I’m a sermonspice.com junkie. ~ Sherry

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