Facebook, Twitter and MySpace – OH MY!

“Life moves pretty fast, if you don’t stop and look around once and a while, you could miss it.”   ~ Ferris Bueller, 1986

It seems like every time I turn around, things kick into a faster and rotary_phonefaster speed.  I think it’s safe to say that I am part of the last generation that used “slower” things, “manual” things:
    1) hand wrote letters to friends
    2) used a rotary phone
    3) made playlists on cassette tape
    4) made phone calls from a pay phone

I, you, we all live a pretty fast and crazy life, right?  We have food available 24/7, cooked and ready to eat…and if you go to the right places you are even asked if you plan to “eat in the car”.  We can power-watch TV by recording our shows and movies, and cram 3 hours of TV into 1.5 hours.  We can have a hot bag of popcorn in less than 120 seconds.  We can get a sprayed-on-tan that looks real and dries in seconds.  And we can converse with anyone and everyone over the Internet in nearly “real time”.  And as life gets faster, everything gets shorter.

A perfect example of things getting shorter when life gets more technologically sped-up is conversations.  We moved from scrolled letters sealed with a wax insignia, hand-written letters, to typewriters, to email, to chatting/IMs/text to Facebook and now Twitter.  And each evolution of conversation digresses into something that is short and shallow.  Even now, the standard type of conversation is a text message conveyed in 140 characters or less (for you that don’t know: that’s that maximum Tweet).  And we have to make sure to add emoticons    😀   😕  so everyone understands the tone.

I fought tooth and nail to not get a MySpace page…eventually I gave in.  I resisted with all my might to have a Facebook…I caved.  I refused to Flicker…now I flame.  But I draw the line to Tweet, I will not, cannot, become involved with Twitter.  I just won’t I tell you – I WON’T  (I am still winning this battle).  (UPDATE Sept 2009:  I lost the battle, and I choose to not be irrelevant – I tweet now… it’s not so bad)

Yup, life is speedy, and I run at a quick pace.  I’ve got a full agenda and lots of things to do.  Through-out my day, I have conversations with God.  I give Him quick little shout outs “Thanks God, that was great” —  “Dear God please help me” —  “God just let me get through this” —  “God make that grocery clerk stop talking and do their job – or at least provide me some patience”.   Recently though, regardless of my intentional ways of keeping God in the forefront of my mind and thoughts, I have had some type of disconnect…  Something felt “off”.  

And that’s when it struck me:  “OH MY GOSH, I am Tweeting God….”   Somewhere along the way I lost the Twitter battle and started Tweeting God.  Did He mind?  Is He cool and trendy – liking the Tweeter conversations?  I started to race back in my mind, trying to place the the last time I prayed a prayer that would be something like a beautifully scrolled letter – the type that was sealed with a wax insignia.  Sadly it had been quite a while.  In fact I wouldn’t even place a conversation in the last two weeks that resembled anything other than a Tweet and quick email.  HOW DID THIS HAPPEN?

There I was caught up in my fast paced life, and it took me to a place where I wasn’t taking the proper time to have a nurturing, heartfelt conversation with God.  Ugh.  Immediately I set an appointment with God and had a long one-on-one with Him.  And it was the exact medicine I needed.  I felt reconnected.  And yeah, you know me – I cried.  But it was tears of joy.  It reminded me of how I felt in 3rd grade when I saw my parents after a week at Summer Camp.  I tried to be cool and grown-up, but I ran to them, so happy and I cried; I couldn’t stop.  And that’s how it was with God, I realized I was a little homesick and missed putting myself in His “presence”.

So, I’m happy to report I am NOT Twittering – not with you, and not with God.

Okay, I’ve got a new toy: It’s a poll thingy.  And I’d like to start using it on this blog.  But it won’t do any good without your participation.  All you have to do is choose an answer.  No registering, logging in, no emails, no nothin’ – just click and answer.  It’s quick, painless and anonymous.  As soon as you vote, you see the current results.  So let’s give it a go huh?  I think it will be interesting to see the poll’s results as more and more people cast “votes”.  Heck get your friends to vote too – the more the merrier!    

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  1. I know this feeling. I had to place my bible on my night stand in order to remind me of prayer.

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