I’m gonna be upfront – if you’re easily offended and can’t laugh at some of the goofy things “Christians” do – THEN STOP READING THIS RIGHT NOW.  Okay, that’s fair warning.

First things, first.  I went to Google the correct spelling of a language I don’t speak: Christanese.  In the process I found several videos that just blew my socks off.  So without further ado, let me showcase one of these videos before we move along with my thoughts.

~ ~ Mi combate con ése !!~ ~

Christianese, I don’t speak it.  And I wear jeans to church!  Grandma (a strong Mennonite Brethren, God-fearing woman) would be a bit upset if she knew….  Naw, she’d be thrilled that I’m going to church again (finally!); but still, if she were alive today – I would be able to tell that she wouldn’t be thrilled about the jeans…

Christianese is somewhat of a private language belonging to a church’s denomination and it’s culture.  Each denomination’s dialect varies church to church.  That’s what Wiki said.

For lack of a better description: I grew up in a King James (KJ) and New American Standard (NAS) Bible church.  And we wore our “Sunday Best”.  Christianese was widely spoken in the Mennonite Brethren and Evangelical Free churches I went to every Sunday and Wednesday.  And while I was well “churched”, recited verses from KJ and NAS, and could sing all the hymns from memory (like Old Rugged Cross, Blessed Assurance and Holy-Holy-Holy), I never quite picked up the language.

I also grew up watching Jim and Tammy Faye Baker on PTL (Praise The Lord), they were VERY well versed in the language.   But I never really got the hang of it.  The lingo, it never felt natural.  I would say “I got lucky” verses  “I got blessed”.   I still say “lucky”… kindly, get over it.

Please don’t be offended by what I’m going to say if you are comfortable in this style of speech.  Just like any language, it is easily understood and considered quite lovely by those who have been raised around and speak it.  Even though I never spoke the language, I did understand it – and it made sense.  It just wasn’t how I talked.

When I took a long sabbatical from “church”, I would hear this language off and on.  And over time it became foreign and, well…odd.  Really odd.  I began to see how those not raised around this language were not only confused by it but also had no clue what was being said.  Some were even “turned off” at the sound of the language.  That is so key.  So key to knowing how to be an effective witness to one’s faith.  Be real, be relative, be human, be natural.

As I write another post to this blog, I always give more thought to what the purpose of this blog is.  Also discussed in “World of Blahh(g)”.  Am I to be serious or funny?  Who it’s supposed to reach and what should the overall tone be?  Am I writing to the far RIGHT, the far LEFT or something in the MIDDLE?  I have no idea, cause basically I don’t know my audience.   Maybe that a huge faux pas…   But I have noticed that sometimes when I write, Christianese tends to flow easily from my fingers – but really I never speak like this.  At least not at length or with consistency.  I wonder if this is true of many writers?  We type in ways we don’t speak.

Anyways, I just wanted to say, what you read does not define me.  What I do day-to-day in my paying job doesn’t define me either.  Nor do the magazines I read, food I eat or pets I own define who I am and what I’m all about.  What does define me is LOVE; the greatest commandment, a freed spirit and joy.  That is me – a wild child of God who loves to wear jeans to church, rock out with the worship band and spend time with my friends and family laughing, crying, eating, loving and laughing some more.  (did someone say s’mores?!?  I’ll have one!) 

Opps, the “Greatest Commandment” might be a bit of Christianese to some.  In short it’s Jesus’ last command to His followers.  I am a Follower.  The “Greatest Commandment” can be found and is summed up in Luke 10:27   It says… Jesus answered: ‘Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your strength and with all your mind; and, Love your neighbor as yourself.’

Alrighty, in closing you get another video.  Oh that’s right, not just one video, but two today.  It’s your lucky(or blessed) day!  Tomato, Tamatoe.  I just love Jesus… that’s all that matters.

♥ ~ Sherry Meneley  sherry meneley   soiled wings

5 thoughts on “Christianese

  1. I agaped your anointed blog. It beget some holy inspirations deep in my soul. I believe I was predestined to read this doctrine. Glad to be one of your disciples! Amen

  2. Okay, first? I love this comment, Doug, whoever you are. Awesome. Second – I wear jeans to church, too, as do most people I know. As far as Christianese goes, it just doesn’t seem….I don’t know…real? As a Christian, I find it off-putting when I overhear people talking churchy; while they may have genuinely good intentions, for some reason it just seems fake to me. This is not to say those people, or their faith, are fake…it just makes me wonder why they feel the need to embellish their speech instead of just being themselves. I think this comes from a few people in the church who actually speak like this on a daily basis, and that’s who they are for real…But then, people start to look up to them and say, “Well, to be a Christian, I have to be like them…” and then people try to adopt their language patterns as their own, as well as new attitude/behavior patterns. Anyway. That’s all. Thanks for the post 🙂

      • Hey, thanks for your comment on my blog. Writing, lately, has been an exercise in honesty and boldness for me. I try not to offend, but realize that sometimes people get offended for things you totally don’t expect!! Seriously – one time, on my Facebook, I posted a status about how I’d rather be sent to Tim Gunn for a makeover than to What Not To Wear (As a curly-haired girl who has endured more than my fair share of hair trauma, I don’t want Nick Arrojo coming anywhere near my head with scissors…he always makes people have little wingy curls, cut super short. Not for me.). One person I know replied to the status with merely a frowny-face. I’m like…um…is that offensive? (By the way, I love that out of all the comments I got, no one said, “Are you kidding? You don’t need a makeover, you crazy girl!”) Likewise, I got accused of having hate energy when I merely stated that Danny Gokey from American Idol grated on my nerves. So…yeah. Hence the post you read today. 🙂 Sorry for being so long-winded! I look forward to reading more of your stuff! Feel free to comment any time, like you said, comments can make a person’s day! 🙂

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