Come on, get Happy !

Happy August everyone!  It’s amazing that we are this far into the year and near the tail end of “official” summer… even though it never feels like fall around my neck of the woods till October 31st.  OK the title of this post “Come on, get Happy”; when you read the title… did you think of a song?  If so, which song came to your head first: Judy Garland or The Partridge Family? 

I thought of Judy, cause I love those oldies!  Check out this classic song first… and then read on.


Judy Garland – “Get Happy!”

Okay – NOW do you wanna get happy?   🙂   Then on with the rest of the show.

I follow a couple bloggers.  I guess that what we bloggers do, reciprocate with each other.  So this one blog (with Dr Richard Wiseman) has an experiment about to start that I find VERY interesting; it’s called The Science of Happiness.  And since I follow this blog and find the topic interesting, I have signed up as a guinea-pig!… and I’m thinking you might want to do this too… it’s only a five day study from Aug 3 – Aug 7.  What have you got to lose?  Come on, get happy!

The premise is simple: we can do INTENTIONAL things to feel happy; to increase our feelings of contentment and gratitude.  According to Wiseman (what a great name huh?),  “happiness (and being content) creates a ‘domino effect’, with any increased happiness being passed from one person to the next”…because emotions are contagious, your increased happiness will be passed along to those around you, and so on and so forth, thus eventually cheering up the world!

Here’s a quick video of Wiseman explaining the SIMPLE instructions.

here’s another version of the instructions… a “certain word” has been thrown in to whet the appetite in other people… it’s a “Christianese” thing  🙂

Interested?  Want to play?  Please say yes and let’s all do this together!!  I for one will be playing and it’s going to make a great running journal entry for a week…   And if you want to sign up (which records your “happiness” on a number scale… it is private) then PLEASE follow this link and forward this information along to others who you think could use some INTENTIONAL happiness.

Follow this link and sign up

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