What I Love About Life…

So, I’ve been doing the “Happy Experiment”…. I sure hope you decided to play along!  What I have found is that such simple things make me happy.  I sit down and begin writing down the things that made me happy the day before (writing is not a requirement, but rather my process).  So here are random things I’ve written:

  • Slept Good
  • I think my legs are tan…
  • Went to church with my husband/best friend/soul mate
  • Funny little squirrel on the neighbor’s tree
  • Delicious Berry Cobbler (made by a friend)
  • Small Group discussion
  • Wrapped and cashed the coins from the big jar ($162 – wow!)
  • Read some Psalms out loud
  • Saw Mom and Dad (haven’t seen them for 67 days)
  • Cantaloupe (no idea why, but this particular melon from Raleys was the sweetest bestest ever!)
  • Finished another chapter of “the book”
  • Cleared up the algae from the fountain
  • Glass of Clos Du Bois Riesling
  • Deer and turkeys in the field next door

And this is the short list!

I have to smile at, what I can see are, simple SIMPLE things that are making me happy.  For some reason I automatically think “happy” comes from big stuff: like vacations, winning a prize or attending a great party.  But, in my world, it appears to also come from little everyday things.

It is absolutely interesting to intentionally sit down and ponder the things that have made me happy or given me a sense of gratitude.  I’m honestly considering making this a habit – because it really does make me stop and smell the roses (or at least remember the scent of roses from the day before).  And as I’m writing my list – it becomes my intentional thankful prayer.  “God thank you for the deer that nibble and graze next to the house, thank you for friends in my home, thank you for keeping my Mom and Dad safe so I could tell them I love them face-to-face again.”

So, what I want to tell you is even if you aren’t officially doing the experiment – I highly suggest doing this exercise for a couple days on your own…  Honestly, think about it: we live in a beautiful country and have so many freedoms that others in the world do not.  We have fresh clean water to drink, and there are no bombs going off in our neighborhoods.  We can walk into any church and not be persecuted and punished for our beliefs.  Sure stuff goes wrong every day, and it’s much too easy to focus on the negative.  But what if we daily, deliberately, thought about the good stuff?  What would it do to our mental outlook?  I can’t think of any harm in this practice…

We are so blessed where we are.  I am happy, I am grateful, I am content.  It’s all about the simple things….which of course makes me think of a wonderful song to share with you.   Song is: Simple Things – by Amy Grant.  Enjoy  🙂

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2 thoughts on “What I Love About Life…

  1. Hi Sherry,

    I have visited your website on several occasions and just wanted to share with you the multitude of things I feel as I do so. First – i just love the way you write – you have an incredible way with words! I too LOVE to read and you have given me wonderful selections to expand my horizons.
    Of recent, I have felt EXACTLY as you do about coming back from vacations – that’s too funny! And I just love, love, love your idea of writing down each day what made you happy from the day before. In all my different readings lately I have been learning to focus on the good and happy (and there is so much of it) so I am starting your idea today!!
    Thanks for all your inspring and thought provoking words and for the ability to get to know you better. You’re an amazing woman!

    See you tomorrow.

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