Melancholy.  A sober thoughtfulness; pensiveness.

It’s not a day to post… but I had some thoughts and felt like jotting them down.

It’s the first cool rain, and I’m washed.  Emotionally.

Today I participated in an event called the “Great Day of Service”.  My church coordinates this amazing effort once a year when aproximatly 300 people go out to 30 sites and ‘serve’.  The site I went to today was that of an elderly couple.  They just needed TLC in their home.  We did that.  I felt good, my heart felt joy.

Then I went home.  And I couldn’t stop thinking about that couple.  I thought about when the woman began to tear up as we were cleaning the home.  I thought about her husband with Parkinson’s – and that she felt he would die soon; he’s stopped taking his meds.  I wondered what they were having for dinner.  I wanted to bring them dinner.  I wanted to bring them to my home, so she could play my piano.   I was thinking about her singing and dancing when we hooked up her stereo that she hasn’t listened to for years.  I thought about the food they had in the pantry cupboard that was reorganized.  I just remembered I forgot to tell her how it was organized so she could find things…her eye site is bad.  There isn’t that much ‘good’ food there.

It’s now 9:00pm and it’s started to rain.  The first cold rain.  And I worried about their roof that leaks.  I worried about them being warm enough.  Tonight I prayed for them.

I didn’t think something so small would melt into my heart.  

Pensive.  Melancholy.

♥ ~ Sherry  sherry meneley   soiled wings

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6 thoughts on “melancholy

  1. Both of us loved the music.
    Wouldn’t it be neat if you could somehow put all your music videos into a one hour of listening.

  2. It’s too bad that doing something so good, can make you feel so sad…..try thinking about how much they appreciate what you did for them and how happy they were to have your help.

    • It’s a result of reflective thought. I’m thrilled to have been honored to help them. But it’s hard to know that it was only a moment of joy for them…or for a while at least. And it’s hard to know that there are millions more like them and we only made a small dent, if even that. It’s a wierd dichotomy. It’s knowing what breaks God’s heart…

  3. I think this is how God feels every day with us (me). I’m such a mess. Even after God cleans up some of my mess, I’m going to go back to messing things up again. I wish I could take on more of his charater so I could keep things better. I do learn from him but I am so bent in my ways.

    • I love that example. sobering… melancholy. You just came up with the Parable of the Elderly Couple…. that IS going in the book! Thank you Doug 🙂

  4. I too prayed for our couple that night. It was the first Great Day of Service I had ever participated in and it felt so wonderful to help them and see how much they appreciated the little we did for them, but I too, walked away a little sad for them.

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