Sermon-N-Ten: 10/25/09



Work honestly, productively with initiative;

ultimately God gives final evaluation.


Date: 10/25/09

Church: Rolling Hills Christian Church – El Dorado Hills, CA

Sermon Series:  Marketplace Christianitydirty_470-163

Title:  Dirty Jobs

Presented By:  Jeff Bigelow

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Memorable Quote from Message:  Mike Rowe, star of Dirty Jobs

“Rosie the Riveter is retired to some convalescent home with all the other icons of work that used to embody what work was.  We don’t have American icons any more — we have American idols. We’re worshiping the wrong stuff and it’s hurting us.”

Check out this 10 minute video that includes quote – awesome to watch if you’ve got the spare 9 minutes and 45 seconds.  Seriously, watch this, have your kids watch it  (then go listen to Jeff’s message, because this message was super great).

Good story from message:

Mr. Hines, the owner of the Hines Lumber Company recently had to fill a top executive position.  Two of his managers with equal experience were considered but the choice went to the man who had fewer years with the company.  Upon learning of the promotion the other man asked Mr. Hines why he wasn’t the one selected.  Instead of answering him Mr. Hines asked him if any lumber had come in that day.  The man said he would check and a few minutes later reported that a carload had arrived that morning.  Mr Hines then wanted to know the type of lumber.  After again checking, the manager told him it was number 6 pine.  Mr. Hines then asked the man how many board feet were in the order.  Again leaving the room to check he returned shortly with the answer of 3500 board feet.  This type of questioning went on for several minutes and then Mr. Hines asked the man to sit in the  next room, leaving the door ajar so he could still hear. 

Mr Hines then called to the manager who had been promoted and asked him if any lumber had arrived that day.  The manager said he would check and in a few minutes he returned with the following answer.  A carload of number 6 pine had come in on track three at 9:30 A.M. and totaled 3500 board feet.  The lumber was unloaded by 2:00 P.M. and stored in warehouse number 18.  It was order number 65-03 for the Williams Company and its total value was $16,352.00 

Mr. Hines thanked the man and said he could go.  After the second man left Mr. Hines called in the first manager who had heard the entire conversation.  The first manager said he knows now why the other man had been promoted instead of himself.

2 thoughts on “Sermon-N-Ten: 10/25/09

  1. Another perfect capture of the weekly message. Your talent continues to amaze me! Every week as I listen to Jeff’s (or Jake’s) message, I wonder how you’re going to capture it all in just 10 words, and you never disappoint me! Keep up the great work!

  2. The video is right on. Thanks for making me aware of what Mike Rowe is doing to help save the our country.

    PS. Wishing you Great success as you attend the “Writer’s Seminar”.

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