Hello Fall

Seasons are unique and vary by where we live.  Living in California, as I do, brings the seasons in its own special ways.fourseasons 

Each season has it’s own glorious presentation and display.  It’s amazing to watch a single grand tree, to see the different beautiful pictures it exhibits with each seasonal passing as the year unfolds.  People are no different, we are strongly affected by the seasons.  Winter is frosty and fog, the day is darker and we huddle into our homes for warmth and love.  Then Spring arrives and we leap out of our winter holes to dance and play in the new life of the season.  Summer beckons us to bask in the radiating sun, filling us with immune enhancing vitamin D, heating us to the core of our bones; knowing that the season will end soon, it burst the best cornucopia of fruits and vegetables for us to eat and save for the longer cold season ahead.

And then:  Hello Fall.  Maybe it is Fall that I love best.  Especially living at 1200 feet, the fall colors are showy and if you stop long enough and look – really look – it’s breathtaking.  Leaves begin to turn during the Indian Summer of September and October.  Then if by magic, one day you wake to find a vast sea of foliage from golden beauty to flaming red.  The landscape has become an appealing show of Autumn.

I walked to a park the other day and made my way down into the depths of it’s little valley, filled with the chatter of birds.  The air was crisp and a little breezy, but I found a small beam of sunshine that made it’s way through the canopy of Grand Oaks down to a rock where I could keep warm.  There I took my seat and listened to the song of Autumn.  

Two animated gray squirrels caught my eye and captivated me for the next ten minutes.  They scampered about the ground, wide-eyed and bushy-tailed.  Chasing each other and jumping from oak to oak, then tumbling on the ground into a wind swept pile of crunchy leaves.  I could nearly hear them giggling as they popped out of the leaves to surprise each other.  I swear I saw them hug, maybe they were just falling on each other – but something about their interaction, their frolicking, was oddly childlike and human. No sooner had they discovered each other amongst the fallen leaves than they started the chase again.  Before long it was clear they had tired of the game and got to the business at hand, collecting fallen acorns to nibble and save for the long and colder months ahead.

The turkeys were making their typical crossing through the little valley.  Scavenging small beetles, nuts and grain.  Those turkeys are almost always there, in fact around my home they are everywhere: in my yard, in the neighboring field, on the sidewalk and in the road.  I get very used to seeing them and having to stop my car in the middle of the road while a whole gang of them leisurely stroll from one side of the road to the other.  They are quite brave and “own” this community I live in.

My favorite wildlife is the deer.  I am amazed and in awe at them.  I try to keep track of who is who.  But as the spring fawn grow into majestic autumn bucks and does, it’s hard to recognize them.  They grow to quickly.  So I just keep count, hoping their numbers grow and fill this small preserve and sanctuary in which my husband and I live. 

I feel blessed to live in this beautiful world of God’s.  Science still hasn’t found anything as remotely beautiful as this world.  Beyond Earth, space is mostly devoid of the beauty God placed here.  Clearly, we are special and loved. 

Holding a leafSo loved.  The animals, sun, trees, and sky – there is so much to savor and take in.  So much to love.  During my time down in the park, I had lost track of time – I became lost in the symphony and harmony of God’s awesome creation.  I was worshiping God the Artist, the Creator, the Almighty.  Even the simplest of things, like how He made the most perfect colors for the leaves; even the design and shape that causes leaves to softly rustle as the wind coaxes them from their branches as they go from one season to the next.  Slowly I was understanding a message from God…a lesson about the leaves.  As I sat on that sunny rock, God was coaxing me away, if only for a moment, to sit and be still.  To let the breezes unwind me and give into the next moment with ease.  To let go and come away from the writing, reading and busy life I live, and just fall onto the ground like a colorful leaf and just be.  Silent and quiet. 

Hello God.  Hello Fall. 

What is your favorite season?  What do you love about Fall? 
Really…we all want to know (I’m learning that y’all like reading each others comments, that really is wonderful).

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