Writers Conference – Day 1-ish

Check out this awesome view from Ghost Ranch in Abiquiu, New Mexico.  This is what I’m looking at for the next 6 days while I soak up as much info as I can at the Class Christian Writers Conference (CCWC).

These are the Chimney Rocks and they are mighty impressive. 

Well, so far so good.  The day started off swell – no line at the baggage check-in. Thank you super nice bag checkin guy – I think my bag was over 50 pounds, but you didn’t bat an eye.  That’s why I gave ya $10, I’m your fan!  You rock!

Security line was no problem, and for the first time I picked the right line… you know the one where everyone is on their game: shoes off, jackets off, laptops out.  I was in line with the pros – loved it.  Now I know the trick, get the first flight out of the day and follow all the suits and techie dudes (you know them by the Apple stickers, Volcom backpacks and laid back grunge style).

A quick stop at the airport overpriced convenience mart, since I forgot my gum (got 4 packs for $6.76, what an amazing deal) and then off to gate A12, with boarding pass A27.  And to top it off, free WiFi while I waited.  Does it get any better?

Now for the serious matter at hand – flying.  I used to be deathly afraid to fly.  But over the years I’ve gotten better, thanks in part to the funny friendly staff at Southwest.  But regardless I pray before each take-off, and the timing is of utmost importance.  Maybe this won’t make sense to some of you, in fact you might realize I’m a little more nutty than I let on.  But here’s the scoop:  as we begin the taxi out and on the runway, I start praying – and not a moment before.  Depending on the taxi length, depends on my length of conversation with God because I have to time it just right.  It’s a perfect prayer if I get the “…God I ask this in Jesus’ name – Amen” just as I feel the plane lift and a second or two before the wheels leave the ground.  I got that perfect prayer today – timed just right.  I have no idea why this is important to me, the timing/not the prayer, except that it might be an untreated OCD thing.  Plus I need God with me right up until I let go of all control and turn over everything to Him.  Sure I turn over my life to God all the time – but flying, bungee jumping and parachuting take extra faith.

Now I just sit back and enjoy the ride as I make out the landmarks of Downtown Sacramento, Bing Malony Golf Course, Executive Airport, CSUS, Folsom (Ghost Town) Automall, and now I’m lost… oh wait there’s Rancho Seco in the distance (why does steam still come from this INactive nuclear plant?), and there’s…oh shoot, NOW I’m lost.

I’ll be doing the prayer routine again when we make a quick stop in Phoenix and then off again to Albuquerque, NM. 

I just gotta say: God is GOOD.  I have met  many great people so far and I think will become fast friends.

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2 thoughts on “Writers Conference – Day 1-ish

  1. Hey Sherry, This is great. Thanks to your gift of being able to write your thoughts so freely – I feel like I’m right there. You are hilarious and I can so relate to your fear of flying and the wonderful rituals you have maintained to stay calm. What a great start to an amazing adventure. We can’t wait to hear more. You were definitely in our thoughts and prayers last night – we all missed your colorful commentary – smile!!

    Have fun and thanks for keeping us in the loop.



  2. And you say you’re not out going and are nervous around new people – you weren’t not even there yet and you’d made new friends! 🙂 I’ve been thinking of you all week and am glad to see the internet access is working there so we can share your experience with you!
    P.S. Small group wasn’t the same the other night without you.

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