Writers Conference – Day 2-ish

Last night after all the hustle and bustle we met in the Agape Center.  It’s an adobe mud church.  Pretty cool, and 3 pianos inside.  I’m not gonna go into great detail about what went on last night, but I’ll say it was spiritual and special.  At this point, those of us here feel chosen and certain that we are where God needed us to be.  Simply put, we surrendered our agendas for God’s purpose.  While we have dreams and hopes, we have no idea what God has planned…but rest-assured He has plans…if we are open to those plans made especially for us.  Isn’t that just great?!?  It was an awesome experienced and “fixed” the tone of what this conference is really about.

I didn’t think being up at 7,000 ft would kick my butt, but I think it has a little bit.  If it’s not the altitude then I can’t explain this cruddy dull headache I’ve had going on 8 hours now, feeling tired and being out of breath trekking the half mile stretch from lodgings to gathering places (downhill is fine, but uphill is a workout).  But everything else is wonderful, especially the brownie I had at lunch (which I justified because of the half mile uphill treks I make a couple times a day).

I’m impressed, blessed, amazed at the quick friendships being formed as all us newbie, wannabe, outtabe writers huddle together in safety. A sense of community has happened with the 50 of us that came up a day early for an “add-on” class that helped us all get up-to-speed at the mysteries that a writers conference holds.  And the best part is, this has helped to knocks some of the jitters out of our knees. We did “mock” interviews with mock-editors; and now I’ve even more unsure what I’m trying to attempt as a writer.  But it’s all good because I’ve got a passion for writing and some GREAT advice today.  So I’m just rolling with everything.  I’m Easy-Peazy-Lemon-Squeezy.

Oh and did I say this place is gorgeous?  Of course pictures do not do it justice…so I refuse to load on a bunch of photos I’ve taken to convince y’all how fantastic the scenery is.  And the weather could not be any more perfect.  Really, it’s 65° and sunny.  For me, that is paradise.

Update, just talked to an RN up here (who is also an aspiring writer) she says we have headaches because we are dehydrated due to of the altitude…I KNEW IT!  Okay gotta go get me another glass of tea!

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3 thoughts on “Writers Conference – Day 2-ish

  1. I’m so happy you are having such a wonderful time and meeting up with “kindred spirits”. The friendships you make are deep right from the beginning, huh??? You ARE a writer and things will just evolve as they are meant to. Hang on to that passion you have for all the words. Drink water…you are a sea level kind of gal and that fatique and headache are normal for those suddenly living more than a mile high..has to do with red blood cells etc. it takes quite a awhile to get use to altitude, so be nice to yourself… missed you last nite… Love, Sista Nancy Jeanne

  2. Sherry, It was good to know that the conference planners provided you with such a gift as you had the first night. Getting everything aligned with God and His purposes as best and often as you can is the only way, isn’t? You are in my thought and prayers. Thanks for letting us know how you are doing so we can keep in closer spirit with you. It is great to know that you feel safe and accepted. Wow, I can only imagine what an amazing experience this must be for all you passionate, dream-filled, commited writers. Can’t wait to hear more.
    Love Liz

  3. WOW – what an incredible way to start the conference! I am sooooo excited for you as I’m reading this blog!!!! It seems like a majority of your “fears” have all been put to rest. Go get’em!!
    Have you met Michelle yet? if so, tell her hi for me!

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