Writers Conference – Day 3-ish

Today has been like getting a drink from a fire hose.  Get it?  Wow.

It’s also like walking a Labyrinth…  ever changing, always winding, and somehow slowly leading me to a center – to the heart of what I’m doing here.

I have no idea how can I absorb and retain everything I’m hearing and learning.  So much information.  So I just keep scribbling every thing from each class…in a couple weeks I’ll have to go back and see what I’ve forgotten.

But on to what I’ve done so for today:  I got to sit intimately with 20 others and listen to Florence Littauer.  She’s such an icon and you wouldn’t be able to guess her age from the spunk and life she brings to her speaking.  I’m so glad I got to hear her in such a small setting.  Really, how many people get that chance?  Plus I loved that she used the “B” word… you know the one that rhymes with rich.  Oh yes she really did – I kid you not!  Stuff like that moved her up on my respect totem pole.  Funny the stuff that works for me, that gets me, that makes me want to absorb everything someone is talking about.  Real people, real life, real junk.

I had a great experience with a HUGE* agent in the industry today, who helped me look at refining what I write and who I’m writing to. (*he’s Rick Warren’s agent, did Beth Moore’s first 5 books, ect…wow).  I learned that while may I have a catchy title for a book, and it might explain MY life, it might not explain what my manuscript is all about.  So what I learned in that short 15 minutes was VERY valuable.  And will prep me for my next couple meetings with publishers.

Also met with another agent.  He liked my stuff.  Yay!  I had refined my sales pitch from what I learned at my first agent appointment – which benefited me at this next appointment.  He gave me his card and wanted to see some of my stuff.  Again yahoo.

But the longer I’m here the more I’m thinking about my purpose, what I’m supposed to do, what it needs to be, who my audience is, etc…  People (like myself) openly writing in non-churchy talk for the Emergents and Seekers and Church-Tired is a newer thing.  Typically those people are not walking into Christian bookstores looking for a good read.  But, they are the ones buying Anne Lamott, Don Miller, William Young.  They are the ones interested in “that guy” Jesus and not all the rhetoric that goes with denominations and churches and over-churched people.  That’s my market, that’s who I’m writing to.  So I can see that there are obstacles.

One last obstacle I just have to share and laugh at… I “look” too young.  Thank goodness that when I tell them my age it validates my story.  But I never thought looking late 20/early 30s was an issue…  That is laughable!

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6 thoughts on “Writers Conference – Day 3-ish

  1. I am loving that you are able to keep all of us updated while you are there! I am so excited for you and glad you are already taking away so much. I will be glad to see your beautiful face at Impact next week though! ♥

  2. I knew it, I knew it, I knew it! Your stuff is great and now even the pros agree with me!!! I am crying because I am soooo happy for you and what you are learning and realizing – what a life changing experience!!!!!!

    And I guess I was right on track when I first met you and told one of my friends I thought you were in your late 20s or maybe 30. 🙂

  3. Wow…I am a bundle of emotions for you, thrilled, happy, excited, grateful, proud and more. I am so glad you are discovering more about you and what your writing has to offer others as you get into the meat of this conference and that you found Florence Littauer to be a great motivator. I too got to be in one of her small groups and I was hooked on what she has to offer. Now you know why I have purchased every one of her books and passed them on to many. Her workshops and books helped me navigate my way through a tough period of my life which of course you know all about. I wish I could sit next to you on the plane home so you could tell me all about it. I’ll have to settle for a loooooong phone conversation because I want to know everything! By the way, all those facials have paid off! I love you and am so happy for you.

  4. Hey, I tell all my friends that your in your late 20s also…….of course they all think I’m just bragging about having a hot, young wife…..lol

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