Writers Conference – Day 4-ish

On Fridays, this blog tends to spice things up…  Hey, by the way – did you see the new “menu” I put up last week.  Look it’s right over there on the left….scroll down a little – THERE – you got it!  

ANYHOO, so Friday’s I’m spicy – most of you know this.  It’s when I tend to write a little more edgy, cutting, satirical in nature.  But today I just am flat out of energy to dash out the cayenne pepper.

What I can say is that I have had an amazing day.  Two different publisher/editor appointments today; one with Tyndale and then with CBN.com.  And I just can’t believe they like my stuff.  I’m still in a stun mode – I’m numb – because it just hasn’t sunk in. 

On one hand I’m walking about 3 inches off the ground, and on the other hand I know how much work is going to go into getting something ready for those that want to see my stuff.  I wish it was as easy as open an email and “just send in what I have” – but after these couple days here, I’ve learned NOTHING is that easy.  That is if you want to see any momentum and progress and publications.  This is a tricky tight business.  I knew it was hard to break in, but now I’m getting a reality check about how it seems nearly IMPOSSIBLE to get in.  To get published.  And that conferences like this are invaluable.  I am lucky, blessed, call it what you will – that I am here. 

Okay, that’s the good news – the bad news (cause there always is a flip side right?) is that I am having other options being thrown at me that don’t put writing as the primary way I put my message, my story out to those that have a need to hear about my “Soiled Wings”.  BUT, it seems everyone has me pegged as a “natural” for something I’ve never considered.  Now, I know you.  You are probably expecting me to give you that hot inside scoop about what this could be.  Well, I just can’t cause it’s so weird.  I’m meeting with someone about this tomorrow…  Not that I’m gonna tell you then, but just know that God opens doors when you aren’t expecting a door to open.  I staring into an open door…I could use some prayer for clarity (versus excitement).  

Now y’all – I just hav’ta tell ya – there are so many southerners here that I’m pickin’ up an accent.  I’m just sayin’ y’all – it’s a hoot.  I’m one of maybe a half dozen of us Californians.  I’m the minority.  But I’m very cool with that….y’all. 

OH – and to top it off, we are having a “Chuckwagon” BBQ dinner and campfire sing-a-long.  Kumbaya anyone…I mean y’all.    Thanks for following me, it’s comforting to know you’re checking in with me and your comments area little bit of home.  Thank you. 

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8 thoughts on “Writers Conference – Day 4-ish

  1. It is taking all my willpower not to pick up the phone and call you to hear more about “the other option”. This to me is the most exciting part about your experience. I may be wrong, but I think I have a pretty good guess and you know, I never thought about it either but if it has anything to do with talking more than writing, you ARE a natural. You’re witty, fun, and entertaining and everybody wants you at their party. Before long you have captured the attention of others and they’re listening to all you have to say. This is the most fun…watching you blossom as you discover God’s purpose for your story.

  2. Pastor Sherry? Public speaker Sherry? Possible cult leader Sherry? Democratic leader Sherry? Queen of England Sherry?

    • Oh shoot – how did you know. Yes I’m going to be a Queen of a small tribe of rat-people. I plan to solve the problems of their community with Kool-Aid. Cause Kool-Aid, Kool-Aid, tastes great! (crap I will be loosing all my rodent followers now – well I can’t please everyone now can I?)
      Okay maybe you are close on one idea, but not quite there yet. Now stop it, cause I’m not telling. I’m not, I’m not, I’m not. 🙂

    • She’s a princess! And has always been but now she is the daughter of the King with royal blood in her veins and feeling the power.

  3. Wow – it just seems to be getting better and better!!! I think you’re going to be a public speaker which makes sense because then your witty and charming and “say it like it is’ personality can shine through even better than in writing. (should I reserve my ticket now for next year’s Women of Faith conference with Sherry Meneley as the featured speaker? :)) You’ve obviously peeked our curiostiy so I hope its not long before you’re ready to tell us!!! Enjoy the rest of your life changing trip (and by the way the pictures are gorgeous). Can’t wait to see you and hear more about it! Safe travels – you’ll continue to be in my prayers.

  4. Ooh, you are so cruel to tease us like this! 🙂 Isn’t that just like God to bring us something unexpected when we thought we were busily going down a certain path? I am so happy to hear about the fun time you are having there, and all the new opportunities being brought to you. We missed you at coffee this morning! Love and Prayers (always), Lori

  5. I hope I get to find out soon…..tomorrow afternoon around 5:00 PM maybe? Maybe Christian Women’s Magazine Editor?

  6. So you’re not, you’re not, you’re not, huh? Well OK, do the right thing and keep it where it suppposed to be for now.
    Wow, Sherry the work God is doing in you is clearly reflected in your posts. I see and hear more of Sherry. of who you are, and that’s always the best blessing of all with being on purpose with God.
    Can’t wait to hear more and more of this amazing week. Maybe we could just have a “Sherry-ing” nite this Tuesday if you’re recovered enough by then. I’d sure love to lend my ear.

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