Writers Conference – Day 5-ish

Hey all, it’s Saturday afternoon and I’m going to bed. It’s a gorgeous day at Ghost Ranch, but I fear I woke up with “something”.  My throat felt funny and I had chills.  Now if you know me, I run HOT;  so getting the chills is NOT me at all.  Well I had some Airborne in my “stash of everything” – so I took that and some extra Vitamin D.    I also just sent out an urgent email prayer request for a miracle of this icky possible bug thing to be gone.

I will be cutting two classes this afternoon to rest in my room.   I’m going to believe and have faith that God will work a miracle in my sleep.  Heck I’m praying for the miracle as I sit here and type as well.  Why pray for small when I can pray for HUGE and BIG?  Cause my God is giant size and make this beautiful place around me that is every color in the 120 pack of crayons…and then some.

Last night I got to hear Alex Kendrick, up close and personal.  If you don’t know who this is, he’s the dude that wrote FlyWheel, Facing Giants and Fireproof.  And I know some secrets!  He told us “nonpublic” information – I feel privileged.  But as for you, you’ll have to wait for him to ever tell that story to the public…. PLUS something new is coming from him on November 15.  So stay tuned!  Ya know, I knew his story – but not like I heard it last night.  Over the top amazing.  Soon I will post one of his lesser known miracle stories that happened during production of Fireproof.

Alright ya all – prayers for me please.  I don’t want to be sick this last day and traveling home tomorrow.

Thank you all for following me on this journey.  Thank you for the prayers.  Thank you for the prayer cards.  Thank you for the kind personal notes.  Thank you for your comments.  You all make me feel homesick and I can’t wait to see you all, and I have faith (because you all are prayer warriors) that I’ll be healthy right soon.

PS:  I will have one more post tomorrow as it is my last day.

Hugs Love and Mercy…

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2 thoughts on “Writers Conference – Day 5-ish

  1. Hang in there sis! Even this bug is not a surprise to God; he actually had some clue about this before you left. You’ll get all you need and exactly what God intended…rest in that, even if the thorn is painful. Worship services start soon for me and I’ll be keeping you in my thoughts throughout today. Enjoy the Sabbath!

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