Visual of the Week: Starlings

Each year, maybe a couple times a starlingsyear (fall and spring) I see the Starlings.  And every time I am amazed and awe-struck.   When I first see them in the distance, I often mistake them for smoke or a small dust tornado.  But then I realize I’ve been blessed again with the visual feast of the Starlings.

As part of their seasonal migration they dance through the sky en masse.  Hundreds if not thousands appear, swarm, curl, spin and undulate in the sky.  It’s common for their numbers to be near 100,000; but in some areas, the flocks have grown to over a million. 

If you’ve ever witnessed the sky spectacular of the Starlings, you’ll know about their mesmerizing dance.  It seems impossible for such a small bird, with a small brain to group together in beautiful choreography… this must be a God thing.  Something directed by the movement of angels themselves.  I can find no other explanation for what I see.

Their dance, it’s as if they mimic the breath of God and angel flight.  I put this video together quickly of various shots of Starlings and set it to the music of Libera.  The song is Angelis (it starts off soft and distant, so turn up your sound).  I hope you enjoy…

Have you seen the starlings dance like this before, where did you see them?  How did it effect you?  Or have you ever seen something in nature that could not be explained except as a “God thing” (which for me can be as simple as a leaf…but you know what I mean).



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3 thoughts on “Visual of the Week: Starlings

  1. Oh my. This is amazing. I’ve never seen anything like this. Is this video you took? The video takes my breath away. And adding the music – !!! Thank you. Great way to start my work day.

    • God stuff right?!!! And set to Libera just made it come to mystical beautiful life. I’m pretty blessed to see the starlings as often as I do. Takes my breath away each and every time.

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