Visual Feast: 11/25/09

I went back and forth on what to show today…  Do I avoid the whole Thanksgiving thing for your visual treat or embrace it?  And then I remembered that I just told you yesterday that Thanksgiving is becoming the lost holiday.

So not wanting to be a hypocrite, I opted to share a guilty pleasure of mine that is Thanksgiving themed.  It’s called Bric-A-Brac Theater; it’s ridiculously awesome, plus I love the voice impressions.  This reminds me of the things I would do at Grandma’s with all her knick-knacks if I got bored (which I always did because Grandpa hogged the TV with football games).  So without further ado I give you a Thanksgiving Bric-A-Brac Theater.  Enjoy…

Hope your Thanksgiving is wonderful and now I want to give you a chance to be honest.  Which of these figurines do you own?  Did you actually buy it or was it a gift?  (and yes, the modern-day Willow-Tree figurines, which are NOT tacky, count)


Come on…I know you want to because this little movie is awesome. PLUS, I have a feeling you will be doing your own re-enactment with the decorations you find wherever you will be feasting.  And if you make a video of the follies, please share your youtube link with me!

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