Visual of the Week: The Wrong Nativity

In staying with the Christmas theme, wanted to share this great video with you that helps us understand the REAL Nativity scene. 

This should be funny AND educational, isn’t that just great!?!

Okay, I confess – I didn’t know there where an unspecificed number of wise men… OH and did you know Jesus was NOT born on December 25th?  More likely between Spring and Fall – but no one knows for sure (check that our here and here).  So, what did you learn today?

Alright, remember how I told you I love “O Holy Night” and that I might share a different version of this song with you each week?  Well, I just couldn’t resist.  Here’s a favorite version by a little known group called Gypsy Soul.  Since they aren’t well known, I had to make this video myself – I chose to show medieval and renaissance paintings of the Nativity.  Hope you enjoy.

Okay now back to that question… did you learn anything new about the birth of Jesus from that inital video?



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4 thoughts on “Visual of the Week: The Wrong Nativity

  1. Reading your blog this morning and some from last week has lifted my sometimes sagging spirit by redirecting my anxious thoughts back to peace as the beautiful renditions of “O Holy Night” provoked me to meditate on Christ and all He is to me. That song is my absolute favorite Christmas one also. Sherry, I really appreciate and share your love of God’s beauty displayed through art and nature. What you give to this reader both in words and pictures makes my heart smile. I love who Christ is in you and am so grateful to have this blog to read.

  2. Sherry – I love this video. Years ago, I began to study the Jewish roots of Christianity. Today, I am married to a Messianic Rabbi. We celebrate Christmas and Channukah. While we do not participate in many of the popular Christmas beliefs and traditions, we do celebrate the fact that Messiah Yeshua was born. We thank God that He is still lifted up in praise. We celebrate, not by giving gifts to others, but by giving the gift of praise and worship to Him. We love to attend concerts during this season. At Channukah, we remember that Yeshua said ” I am the light of the world”and praise God that His light is still burning in and through us as His followers.

  3. Nice job on the music video – beautiful pictures. But your fisrt one by Celine is still my favorite – it moved me beyond words.
    And very interesting facts on the nativity. Of course my Nativity scene at home includes a donkey and 3 Wise Men!

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