Happy Birthday Husband

Today I’m on a break from my typical Friday post because it is my husband’s birthday.

So today I honor my husband with an open “love” letter:

Dear Husband,

Today is your birthday and I wanted to explain, for all to see, why I love you.

When I was little, I liked to play house.  I could cook meals, serve dinner and pretend to iron clothes for my imaginary husband.  I can’t recall what he looked like, but I knew he was handsome.  And today I am a very lucky girl, because at gatherings I get to point out my husband in a crowd as “the cute one, over there”.  You are handsome, brave, courageous, strong and tenacious.  But most of all, you put up with all my crazy ways, endless jibber-jabber, and when I start singing Christmas carols in June.

You still loved me after I accidentally shaved off some of the hair on your head when I used the wrong setting on the clippers.  And what was even more lovable was when you let me fix the error for the next 10 days with some artful camouflage with dark brown eye shadow over that hairless spot.  What husband lets their wife do that?  You do.

You still loved me after we wrestled around the living room (remember when we did that when we were soooo young – oh we were crazy!) and I accidentally hit you on the head too hard with a couch pillow.  Your face was right next to the corner of the coffee table and my horseplay landed your eye square on the corner of that table and resulted in an awful black-eye.  You were so kind to blame it on something else if anyone asked what happened.  You covered up my stupid mistake. What husband does that?  You do.

Remember the time I got “very sick” in your car?  You let me crawl into bed while you spent the rest of the evening cleaning my mess.  What husband does that?  You do.

Remember when I recently gave you the wrong order for my In-N-Out burger, and I was upset with what I had.  You actually offered to swap meals.  What husband does that?  You do.

Husband, you sooth me when I’m afraid.  You encourage me when I’m full of doubt.  You patiently listen to me complain about petty things.  You take me for frozen yogurt when I’m unsatisfied and know when to pour me a glass of wine when I’m a woman on the edge.  …you hunt down cotton-candy for me.

You know when to turn the television volume down (and usually know when to change the channel from sports).

You make goals and accomplish them, you take challenges head on.  You join a boxing gym I call “Fight Club” and push yourself physically in ways that are nothing short of amazing and victorious.  You face business struggles with integrity and honor, you treat your employees with respect and dignity.  Many years ago, when you had a golf handicap around 15, you said you’d get to a 10.  This November you were a 6.2 (yes honey, I am paying attention).

You never, ever, curse.  You get frustrated with those who do.  You are protective of me, not wanting others to use that sort of language around me.

We are opposites in so many ways, and that has made life interesting.  But in other ways we are very similar; and I’m filled with giggles when we both silently look at each other and are clearly thinking the same thing (ranging from sad, to silly, to cutting and sarcastic about something we both just witnessed).  You are my soul mate, and often I cherish our rings that represent this bond between us over our wedding rings.  You are my forever friend.

You are the biggest part of my life and have taken permanent residence in my heart.

I am so proud of you. You are my hero. Happy Birthday husband, I do love you.



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  1. That was just lovely. I also got teary. I have an adorable, supportive and loving husband also. God is grand! Aren’t we Blessed!

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