Visual of the Week: No-Fail Resolutions

I’m so glad I caught you before you started making that New Years Resolution list that will cause you grief, guilt and a bunch of other “bad feeling words” before the end of January arrives!

I’m always here to help, so without further ado, let me share this wise song before you commit some “resolutions” to ink (or heart).  This song just might help you rethink what actually belongs on your list.

Okay, almost all kidding aside, I really could do well with a list that looked like this:

1) Eat more Cotton Candy and Mint Chocolate Chip ice-cream (part of this will be a reality because I got a Cotton Candy machine for Christmas – SCORE!!)

2) Watch more Office, House, Talk Soup, Good Eats and catch up with all my recorded episodes of The Naked Archaeologist

3) Have a facial, pedicure and massage every week  (I will need to get some serious funding for this; so in retrospect, while this sounds wonderful, I’d better cross this off the list)

4) Dream more

5) Laugh more

6) Love more

I’m not sure how the first part of that list is going to work out for me, but the last three items sound doable, enjoyable and should be painless.  I think I rather like the idea of making open-ended resolutions, like “dream more” – you never know how something that will unfold.  Leaves a little room for God to work His will into the mix… always leave wiggle room for God, that’s what I’m sayin’!

So what “fun” resolution is going on your list?  Does it start “January 1st” or the Monday following?  OR, do you refuse to make a list that you need to commit to on January 1st?


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