Fail Proof Resolutions (part 2-ish)

So after all that joking around in my last post about New Years Resolutions, there’s no denying the fact that the majority of us look at the new year with hope.  Hope of change, hope of luck, hope of fresh starts, hope of blessings.

I love the idea of hope and fresh starts, but after much trial and error, I’ve learned to not make a long list of hard things, because I hate failure;  I hate losing hope.  Yes it’s a bit of a cop-out, but I learned that if I can make my list easy enough – I can assure myself victory.  I learned this simple trick the hard way, after the very first New Years Resolution I ever wrote in my diary at 9 years old.  It simply said:

Stop fighting with my brother

I can tell you that the ink hadn’t even dried on the page before that resolution was broken.  My brother and I fought like cats and dogs; I’ve never known two children that could be so terrible to each other.  I certainly wanted to stop fighting, but it seemed I lacked the will-power.  Maybe if my brother and I were in sync with that resolution I might have had more success than the mere 3 hours of victory I saw.  But, usually, we are alone with our resolutions.

So besides learning to take the easier way by making “fail-proof” lists (fyi: said tongue-in-cheek – just in case you actually thought I was a total flake – although you can see what an insecure person I am because felt the need to tell you that I’m not a flake), what I can attest to is that during the year, goals that take TONS of effort still materialized and sometimes I have even been able to achieve them.  Case-in-point, last year, my little “fresh start and hope” list did not say “start a blog” – yet here I am faithfully blogging every week.  I truly wonder, if I had actually wrote that “goal” down, would it have ever happened?  As it stands, the only way I can explain how this blog runs is on God-power, not will-power.  God put the thought in my head, I started writing, and because I write and post even when I’ll filled with fear and questioning – He continues to fuel me with ideas for the words.

But really, don’t we make lists based on our will-power?  How often do we sit down at the beginning of the New Year and think “What can God do for me this year?”  I mean that sounds crazy right?  It’s either riding the edge of sacrilegious OR it’s a fact that we dare not ask what God can do for us, because allowing God to write on our to do list is frightening to say the least.  Sure we’d all like to say we whole-heartedly can do this; that God’s will is our will.  But really – do we?  Can you?  Honestly?

Okay, I won’t make this heavy – I promise – just reminding that, like I said in my previous post, I leave wiggle room for God.

For the most part my brain makes up crazy lists all day long that have little to do with improving my health and require little to no will-power.  And the bonus is that I get the satisfaction of checking items off the list.  Here’s my most recent list:

  1. I will not carry-on conversations with my husband via Facebook
  2. I will not consume two blocks of cheese in one sitting (see how I left room to consume one block – but not two – genius!)
  3. I will not use the word “über” more than once a day (I started this resolution about 5 months ago – I was WAY over using the word)
  4. I will use the phrase “ I’m just sayin’ ” far less (notice I didn’t give this a hard number, I just like saying this too much… I’m just sayin’)
  5. I will make it easy on myself and “listen to the Bible” in a year (reminder to self, get to Family Christian book store while my 50% off coupon is still valid – SCORE!)
  6. I will replace my toothbrush head long before all the blue is gone from the bristles
  7. I will stop rescheduling EVERY dentist appointment (okay, I admit, there will be some will-power involved here)
  8. I will tell people (that I love) that I love them, even if it sounds weird and they don’t say it back
  9. I will dance more in the kitchen while cooking and during worship at church, it might be embarrassing (to you) so watch out
  10. I will not take an Ambien and then sit up to talk with friends till midnight (okay, this really did happen – it was a true accident, a mistake, and in retrospect rather stupid and funny; PS: if you don’t know, you can take Ambien and never feel sleepy, but your brain falls asleep and you basically “sleep talk/walk”   Okay, seriously, I am WAY too honest with y’all – I’m just sayin’   DOH! there I go again)

So are you doing any of these 10 resolutions?  Please let me know and we can be resolution buddies!



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6 thoughts on “Fail Proof Resolutions (part 2-ish)

  1. Haha number two is my favorite. Except perhaps I would put macaroni and cheese instead. I find myself making it every wednesday and then eating it for breakfast and lunch the next two days. Maybe I’ll stick to making it once every two weeks, yes. Good luck with your resolutions!

  2. Can’t wait to watch you dance on Sunday! 🙂
    And thanks for the ingenious idea – my #1 resolution was to read the entire Bible – “listening to the Bible” has a much higher chance of being achieved!
    And I’ve been practicing #8 for the past month or so – a little awkward at first but that’s OK!

  3. Thanks – I love you too!
    OK the biggest coupon I have is only 33% off (Martin Luther King day only) so I was looking on Amazon. Do you know the difference between “Dramatized vs Voice Only” and “Unabridged vs Abridged?” Your input would be greatly appreciated. thanks!

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