Visual of the Week: Never Give Up

I’m an optimist, I swear I am.  But I do admit, I have a funny way of looking at life.  For example when my back started hurting I told myself, “well I’d better go to the doctor to see if I have bone cancer.”  Yes, that was sick and twisted, but you see, if I had anything else wrong with me besides “bone cancer” then I had a win.  A good thing.  I guess I’m a “prepare for the worse, expect the best” kind of girl.  I have no idea if that behavior is nature or nurture… but it is me.

The other odd way I look at life is that the whole thing is a balance.  We get the good and the bad.  And when the string of good fairy tale life has been running long, eventually bad is gonna happen.  It’s just waiting around the corner (see, that’s part of the “prepare for the worse” side of me).  But, the deal is, when the going gets tough, never EVER give up; because the sunshine is going to break through the clouds any minute!

At any rate, now I just shared how much more crazy I am than you already knew.  And this short little movie today fits this train of thought, along with my current life and mood.  Oh and I’m the cute pink octopus, and my hubs is the goofy orange one – we’re always helping the other one out when the other is in a funk or bad spot.  🙂  Enjoy…

So…are you on a good or bad string right now?



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4 thoughts on “Visual of the Week: Never Give Up

  1. I loved that cartoon short. I swear she gives the same look you do, right before she slingshots herself … “oh NO you don’t!!” Great post, as always Sherry.

  2. Awesome video.

    I can sympathize with you, though. I am totally a Complaint Free World type of person, but it’s been rough lately, and I keep finding myself with nothing but badness to talk about. I’m really having to put out some serious effort to stay happy lately….

    We can do it!

    (how’s that?)

    • Mikki – you just made me smile – I totally got a picture of Rosie the Riveter with your comment. WE CAN DO IT (even if I have to grit me teeth and force a smile!)

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