Visual of the Week: The Beat Don’t Stop

Right off the bat, sorry if the title got that old Sugarhill Gang song running through your head.  It really was the best and start of “good” rap (you know how bad you want to click that link – just do it!)

Okay, many of us work at a desk and in very close proximity to others.  With that comes living in close community and getting to “enjoy” our co-workers music selections.

One gal in my office listens to smooth jazz, another has a constant angst rap autotune boom radiating from her cubicle, while another has classical wafting around, and yet another is jamming to the 80s.  I am none of those – in fact my mix is pretty eclectic and the vast majority never hit Kasey Kasim’s top 40.   Overall I like all music – BUT sometimes my coworkers music selections can be downright distracting… 

Ever had one of those days?  So what is your favorite music and what is your least favorite?



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