Tempting Marshmallows

Give me a juicy bit of information, and I know I might be tempted to sin.  I shouldn’t gossip, but I might – it’s a thing I’ve tried to put in my past.

Give me an award or an opportunity to do good, and I know I might be tempted to sin.  I shouldn’t let my pride get out of control – it’s a thing I work on daily – and I’ve tried to put this in my past.

Give me a party with an open bar, and I know I might be tempted to sin.  I shouldn’t drink more wine than I would water, but I might – it’s a thing I’ve put in my past – but hang around a drinking crowd too long and I KNOW I will be tempted…

Give me a marshmallow…  Actually I can’t think of any type of sin associated with marshmallows, unless I intentionally poke someone with a hot roasting stick because they have irked me…  Although, I did find a video showing how a marshmallow can be like temptation to sin.

My take on this video: the marshmallow represents temptation for instant self-gratification.  Temptation for that “sin now, deal with it later” scenario swirls all around us, every day, and dances up to us when we least expect it.  In fact, satan makes sure we get lots of opportunities to sin and say “Yes” to things now in the hopes we’ll give up saying “No” for a greater reward later.  Enjoy…

Got Marshmallows?



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3 thoughts on “Tempting Marshmallows

  1. So, I would have to be the little blonde that holds it, smells it and then takes a tiny bit! 🙂
    Love this post and the take-away from the video!
    You go, girl!!
    Love ya,

  2. Love the video – those kids were so darn cute!!! But I wonder if they were tempted because they truly wanted to eat the marshmellow or they were just bored waiting?? And maybe that’s when most of us might be tempted to sin – because we’re bored!
    Great blog – it’s like the 3 main things I struggle with daily!! Ugh – life can be so hard!

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