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Did I already tell you once that I used to “hate” Facebook, and Twitter, and MySpace, etc…? It’s true.  I detested all social networking.  And I SWORE to never tweet, if you don’t recall this vow, you can read about it here.  And then one day I gave in.  Teaches me to never say never!

I think it all came down to realizing it is an amazing way to keep in touch with friends and as I started writing away – let others know I was doing so.  It’s been far more useful than email, and honestly fits my over-busy life.

Anyways, my whole point here is to invite you to become a fan of Soiled Wings on Facebook.  Click Here

Here’s the deal, when you become a fan – you are going to get some insider info before the rest of the internet world.  I’m just sayin’… it’s gonna be über. (good grief I love that phrase and that word)

Oh, are you one of those still unsure about getting a Facebook account?  That’s okay, I still love you.  But, you’re kinda missing out.  No, you don’t have to find your kindergarten friends and college buddies (I didn’t), but you’ll know when I’ve had a good day, when I need a speck of prayer, and if the last episode of The Office was good.  Maybe watching this video could change your mind about the whole shebang (or you’ll shut if off because the music is jarring..although I was digging it).

In the end, for someone with a message (like me), there is no faster way to get that message out than via Social Networking.  And when I’m talking up Jesus, that’s a good thing.



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5 thoughts on “Facebook Fan

  1. You threw me off! I almost missed this blog because you wrote on a non-scheduled day! And the reason I saw it today was I was thinking it was Friday (since I have tomorrow off for Good Friday), logged on and said “I can’t believe the Friday post is not up yet.” LOL Boy am I mixed up today! Became a fan – great idea!

  2. I swore I would never join MySpace or Facebook and look at me now! I am a fan of Soiled Wings and I spread the recommendation out to all my FB friends!

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