Earth Day is Coming

A slight departure from the DOUBT series today. Mostly because I’ve been waiting for about two months to show you all this amazing animated video. But never fear, we’ll be back in full force spiritual – doubts – mode on Friday!  Today we will talk about doubt in regards to where the physical world is headed… (the only segue I’ve got)

April 22, 2010 is the 40th anniversary of Earth Day.  I first recalled this commemorative day / movement during my teen years – it seemed odd.  It was a hippie wierd thing all the college kids were doing over at Fresno State (go Bulldogs!).  They had some funky fair that the newscasters were covering and it resembled a mini version of a Burning Man festival.  There was a lot of skin, hemp necklaces, falafels, and tie-dye.  Jesus would have loved this festival, because Jesus dug a really good falafel and prefered walking barefoot or with Birks (this is my cool-ish-granola-Jesus with a rugged Hasidic-Rastafari look sportin a sweet Tallit).  Yes I made a little obscure reference to the singer Matisyahu there – he’s so cool and I’m a fan.   Plus we all know Jesus, as most rabbis, loved a good party and festival – especially if it was a celebration about the world His Dad made.  Mazel tov Yeshua !!

So, I used to not understand this festival – but now I’m getting it; I even have a well weather pair of Birks and a tie-dye shirt with a big happy face on it.  I try to remember to use my canvas grocery bags, I don’t let the water run while I brush my teeth, I use those funny swirly light bulbs that cast a funky artificial light, and even sort my trash for recyclables.  I realize those efforts are miniscule drops in the bucket for saving the Earth.  And in no way have I gone as far as to erase or offset my carbon footprint.  In fact according to this calculator I’m emitting 16 tons of carbon dioxide a year (okay, a little pat on my back since that’s better than the average person in the USA emitting 27 tons per year).  Although they say I should be at 5.5 tons a year. Good grief – looks like I’m very gassy and have a lot of work to do! 

The question: “if you could do one thing to make the world better, what would it be?” is interesting.  I often find pros and cons with every idea.  Would you do something to better the atmosphere, would you find a way to enforce peace (that’s a bit of an oxymoron), eradicate evil, would you send aid to the corners of the Earth and have everyone ‘saved’, or something else?

I watched this video the other day and it REALLY got me thinking as one man is given the bizarre and amazing ability to fix a broken and abused world.  Watch, be amazed and get thinkin’…

If you had that box…what would you do?  Do you celebrate or do something for Earth Day, and more importantly, do you own a tie-dye shirt?

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4 thoughts on “Earth Day is Coming

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  2. Great post and excellent video. I have a very hazy recollection of owning a tie-dye shirt, but don’t have enough brain cells left to remember.

    I’d plant some hope because then people might have faith (and doubt) to see that they can realise their dreams, even if they can’t see them or doubt know what they are.

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