Realize Your Assumptions

There are people who are just cool, IMHO (in my humble opinion).  They are independent thinkers. Some are so brilliant they do the odd unthinkable, and it becomes wildly successful.

Take Derek Sivers, one cool dude.  He is a professional clown, I kid you not.  He’s a good soul and philanthropist.  He’s got a shaved head and at one time rocked the Tibetan-monk-look with the addition of a long ponytail. And if he didn’t sound cool enough from just that, he also digs indie (independent artist) music. He took his passion for indie music and created a company called CD Baby. You will know of this company if you follow indie artists, who refuse to go mainstream with big label companies. You might also know that Derek gives away the bulk of CD Baby’s earnings for a great charitable cause.

Anyways, the point isn’t about Derek, although the visual of the week happens to showcase Derek speaking at a business conference.  The point is about a way of thinking.

It’s about picking up a book you would never read (and reading it). It’s going into a part of town you’d never venture.  It’s about changing the radio station for a day, or trying a new food. It’s about sitting and talking with someone who has a different view of faith; not to debate and win them to your side – but to listen to them. It’s about something that isn’t you.  And maybe if you really honestly read, ate, toured, and listened, without agenda, you might discover or learn a thing or two.  Diversity grows the mind.

Did you catch that part about the world map at 2:19?  I had never considered that.  He is right!

“Go to the opposite side of the world to realize assumptions we didn’t even know we had, and realize that the opposite of them might even be true.”  Wow that is great.  It really speaks to “Test everything”.

So, do you wanna play? What could you do this week to find/admit an assumption you’ve made and then test it?  Don’t be afraid.


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2 thoughts on “Realize Your Assumptions

  1. Ok, you’ve got me thinking here because I really need to do this more (like listen more without my own agenda going on in my head). Now I just need to be creative enough to think of an assumption I want to test!

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