Snippets: Perfect

Have you ever waited to ___________ ,
because you felt you first needed to __________?

Fill in the blanks with most anything, because truth be told, many of us – if not all of us, are waiting for “perfect” before we begin or do something new.

  • I’ll wait to hike that trail when I’m more fit.
  • I’ll make amends and forgive that person once they contact me.
  • I’ll start that new dance class as soon as I’m in better shape.
  • I’ll join that club/group once I get past this stressful time in my life.
  • I’ll stop that bad habit on Monday (and Monday never works out).
  • I’ll go out to eat as soon as I have someone to go with me.

Life is full of excuses, and there will always be excuses.  As far as I know, I think we only get one shot at this life… so stop waiting for “perfect”.


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