Hang Drummin

What’s Hang Drummin; what is a Hang Drum?  Well it’s an instrument that sounds a bit like a steel drum… Calypso music, Caribbean music… but even better.  It’s rather soothing and it feeds my gypsy soul, and that’s a good thing.

Yes, it’s called Hang Drum –  not “hand” drum.

Anyways, today’s Visual Treat comes from a video I caught a couple weeks ago on wimp.com featuring Dante Bucci – an amazing Hang Drum artist.  And listening to this, watching this – it makes me happy – it feels like summer…  Here’s two videos from Dante; each VERY different. I hope you love both. Enjoy…


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4 thoughts on “Hang Drummin

  1. Amazing! I wonder how much one of those things costs; as opposed to a piano, for instance. Beautiful and intense.

  2. Is it legal to play a couple of hours of the “Hang Drum” to get information out of Islamic Jihad prisoners? 🙂

  3. That sounds so cool! Amazing the sound you can get out of something so simple – kind of like running your finger over the rim of a glass!

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