Killer Marriage Tips For Guys

Love and Marriage – goes together like a horse and carriage…  well maybe more like a mule and broken cart that’s missing a wheel.  You can guess between a husband and wife as to who’s the mule and who’s the busted up cart – either way, it’s not good.  I’m just sayin’…

Thankfully there are really good books out there and smart people to help us, like Dr. Gary Smalley and Willard F. Harley. Harelys book “His Needs, Her Needs” and Smalley’s book “Love is a Decision” are really good reads.  But seriously, you know how it goes. The wife buys the books, two that is, one for the husband and one for themselves; and then you know what happens next.

That’s right, the wife reads the book and the husband… not so much.  So the wife, being good-natured, taking into account that her husband can’t read much more than the sporting stats on the television screen, takes pity and gets him the book on CD to listen to.  She’s very pleased that she is loving, accommodating, and has taken her husband’s needs into consideration. Now they can read/listen to the book together, journal the questions in the back, and review each evening for an hour.  It’s like “small group” for two, but instead of once a week – it’s every evening. Gosh this is gonna be great!

Um, you know how that goes right?

Before long the wife is fed up, she’s determined that her husband just doesn’t care because he’s not reading the book – nor listening to the CDs.  “Small Group” time isn’t going well at all.  In fact it’s an utter flop.  But she’s stubborn resiliant, she’s gonna fix this thing all on her own. So she reads her book, next to her husband, in bed… tuning pages as loud as possible and uses the highlighter a lot.  All while the husband naively waits in bed for the wife to finish reading, only to be met by: lights out and his wife’s back to him when she’s done reading.

Wow, did the air conditioner just kick on, because it is I-C-E-Y in the bedroom. 

But never fear, there is hope. That’s where those smart guys, with great dance moves come in: Johnny and Chachi.  Here they pair up their knowledge with Gary Smalley in a quick and very wise four-minute video that’s sure to save stressed marriages.  Husbands, your luck is just about to change!



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11 thoughts on “Killer Marriage Tips For Guys

  1. Thanks for the great advice, but as you are aware, that behavior comes naturally for me! I don’t have to work at it!

  2. Great guys, nice hair, (fake teeth?). I learned long ago to move my “time out” chair in front of the computer so I could shop on (for books) and get-a-way weekends for the girls WHILE I paint my nails and dream up sentences like “Tonight, you’re sleeping in the dog………”. I’ve found that multi-tasking saves marriages.

    • Linda you are my first official laugh of the day – “move my ‘time out’ chair in front of the computer” !! Love that; plus I am an freak so I really relate. Sometimes I just put tons of stuff in my cart, and then just never purchase anything. It’s nearly as gratifying.

      • Just don’t tell Amazon to “remember” your credit card or you could find yourself accidentally purchasing that loaded-down cart instead of hitting the”return to shopping” button. I, too, like to “fake shop”. What’s really gratifying is not having to actually pay for all the stuff!

  3. Razz gun locked and loaded:

    OK. So here’s what I learned:

    1. Men don’t read. Or at least not husbands. Maybe unmarried guys read?
    2. Men don’t give a rat’s badabing about marriage improvement.
    3. Men give a rat’s badabing about what happens when the book’s put away and the lights are out. In fact, one-on-one “small group” is the only thing they’ll stay awake for.

    But really. Good post.

  4. OhmygoshIloveit!!!!! I was smirking through your post (recognizing “some” marriage I know) and then laughing through the video. Thanks for the chuckle this afternoon, I can’t wait to show it to my husband tonight.

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