Happy 4th of July

Most of you are packing up for weekend travel, or running to the store for more picnic and barbecue supplies. Going back to the firework stand to get more sparklers, smokers, screeching piccolos, and black charcoal snakes.

Did I tell you that I nearly burned my lips off by trying to blow out a sparkler as a little girl?  Yeah, it’s true… I’m lucky to have no physical or mental scars.  As it stands sparklers are a favorite of mine. I still have a couple boxes of the old metal sparklers that are now illegal; and use ONE each year.  Oh I’m such a law-breaking girl!  I still have at least a couple dozen years of supplies left too…YES! (and not I’m not sharing because then I’d really be doubly breaking the law)

So it’s party, picnic, and vacation time. Who’s got time to read a post?  Right?

I’ll tell you a secret… Serious bloggers, those of us that stick to a real schedule of writing, get a little leery of putting our good stuff out there when readership might be low.  It’s the honest truth.  Sometimes we “re-mix” a post from the past, because we just don’t want to put much effort into writing something new that few will read (that is, if “we” could be so bold to say our writing is “good”).

Well, I’m one of those…  So this is a bit of a cop-out.  I’m sorry – but I’m just gonna be super honest.  I’m like that.

I wish you all a wonderful celebration – and in case you live where fireworks aren’t allowed… I wanted to give you a set of great HD fireworks to watch (of course you might want to click the “expand” button to fill your screen).  These five videos contain the full Macy’s Firework Show, with orchestra, on the Hudson River in HD.

One last note, I wish everyone very happy times – but remember – “buzzed” is drunk – so don’t drive buzzed…  Remind your friends on Facebook, Myspace, Twitter, whatever social media you use.  If one person reads it and then thinks twice before getting in the drivers seat of a car “buzzed” or “tipsy” – it will have been worth it.  OH, and if you think it’s a waste of time to making that “update” to all your churchy and religious friends… you are seriously mistaken. I’m just sayin’… no body is perfect and sometimes people cut more loose than they expected.

Happy Sparklers and Homemade Ice-Cream!  Enjoy…


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One thought on “Happy 4th of July

  1. Sparklers are my all time favorite!! Even have a picture of each of my girls on their first 4th of july holding a sparkler with them in their red, white and blue outfits. 🙂
    Have a wonderful, safe weekend!

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