How we write, draw, doodle, and drag ink across a page says so much about us.

When I was younger, I recall one of my assistant teacher’s writing, it was small and perfect and beautiful.  When she wrote I would watch her hand, and how her fingers held the pen; hoping I would learn how she did, what she did. I loved to just look at her notes and attendance records, because she had the penmanship I wanted to grow up to be. She wrote in perfect “Tahoma“.  She would write on the chalkboard and I was lost in her writing.  I had a schoolgirl crush on her in many ways.

Penmanship says much about a person. Their scribbles and drawings say even more.  This video combines beautiful caligraphy and it’s flourishes, turning them into ink drawings, creating a hypnotic musical short film with the song Lilac Wine (which I so love).  Enjoy…

ps: if you loved that song, you can download it for free here


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