Snippet: Back on the Chain Gang

Alright, I admit – it’s not a snippet – but it made me laugh out loud.

One of my BIGGEST pet peeves is prayer requests that turn into gossip sessions.  I’m nearly at the point of telling others, “Please don’t ask me to pray for your brother’s plumbers’ sister’s friend who has an addiction to good shoes and cocaine and Dolly Madison donuts, whose husband is the greeter at XYZ Church, and she teaches 3rd grade at ABC school, and lives 3 doors down from Mr Super Pastor.”  Really?  Did I need that info?


I have yet to understand why I’m given last names, spouse names, house address, and blood types when being asked to pray for someone I don’t know.  Anyways, today’s snippet / which is more of a visual treat since it’s only a picture. It’s a lovely tongue-in-cheek response to how I feel about the gossipy prayer stuff.  Enjoy…

ps: these great images come from Sacred Sandwich (which is one my “must read” blogs – beause there’s always room for a little more snarky in my life. Always.)


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2 thoughts on “Snippet: Back on the Chain Gang

  1. Very funny – and oh so true! I’ll have to check out the blog – sounds like it’s right up there with SCL!

  2. This Blog post makes me very sad 😦

    That such a powerful act such as prayer would be demoralised by such a scandalous act such as gossip.

    I know I have heard exactly what you are talking about in prayer sessions.

    I am just trying to think whether I have participated. Most probably yes.

    I am very embarrassed if I have.

    Thanks for your insights!

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