Stubbed Toe

I can’t prove that what I’m about to tell you is true. So, you’ll just have to trust me, and I have it on V-E-R-Y good authority, that Adam (from the Adam and Eve show) stubbed his toe…and it hurt.

Now most of you could care less about this simple detail.  In fact it’s mundane and ordinary; so much so that you probably did this yourself in the last year on the corner of your couch/coffee table/bed frame.  And there lies my very point.

When you stubbed your toe, especially your pinkie toe, it felt like you had broken your entire foot, right?  I mean that pain is crazy wild bad.  It makes us limp for at least 30 minutes, and when we put a shoe on, we’re reminded of the pain all over again.  Our toe is bruised and tender and we curse the piece of furniture and the day we purchased it.  In fact we decide the furniture is evil!

Evil?  Hummm.  Really?

So let’s roll back to Adam, and for the sake of argument, let’s say Eve wasn’t his bedmate yet; because let’s be honest – boys tend to hurt themselves less often when a female is around – because us females are really, REALLY, good at telling men what to and not to do – thus avoiding unnecessary pain. So there’s Adam, running around naming monkeys, melons and minnows and he’s really not paying attention to where he’s going and he stubs his toe, seriously bad.  You know this happened – how could it have not?  I don’t know how many years he got to hang out in Eden, but I do know he had 930-ish years of life to get hurt over and over. And it’s illogical to think that Adam was like the bubble-boy – encased in a protective shell while frolicking through Eden; and without a protective (bubble) shell – in our human skin (with or without fig leaves) – it’s a simple fact that we will get physically hurt.  And when Adam did, he probably howled and cried, because he didn’t know the future asinine rules about boys not crying.  And in the same breath do you think he turned to God and said, “You let rock stub toe – why You do evil – bad rock – You make rock evil!” (sorry, I always assume Adam wasn’t the most eloquent speaker, I mean it wasn’t his “gift”, not to mention – that in our story – Eve isn’t on the scene yet, and Eve was given the “gift” of speaking…all females get this gift).

Anyways, I really doubt Adam said that to God. Because, Adam had been hurt lots of times. He’d been stung by a bee, bit by a turtle, and stabbed by a unicorn’s horn.  Wait, don’t tell you me don’t believe in unicorns… The point is, in the amazing Garden of Eden, that was something like Fantasy Island sans Tattoo shouting “Boss, ze plane, ze plane!”, there were things that could cause pain. I’ll even go so far as to way there were things Adam could eat that would give him terrible stomach cramps, gas and a case of the Hershey Squirts.  Eden was here on Earth, Earth with all it’s natural perils; it’s all together possible that Adam could have been running along and fallen off a cliff, or broke his back, or had an alligator chomp off his hand.  Some of you might think none of this could happen in Eden.  But I’m just sayin’ – it’s possible – and none of it was evil – nor was God evil for making these things or allowing Adam to learn how to properly interact with creation and learn from his mistakes. So you might get jabbed with a thorn from a rose, but you also got real life – in person – one-on-one interaction with God, innocence, and abundant providence. That interaction was paradise. Eden.

We’ve come a long way since Adam.  We have invented things through God’s creation that can really hurt us and do great damage. Cars crash, poison is ingested, stocks go bad – real bad, carcinogens mess up our DNA, weather ravishes towns, saturated fats and simple carbs wreck our bodies, earthquakes shake and crumble infrastructure, and our toes cross paths with furniture; all these things happen.  And there isn’t an ounce of evil there, it didn’t happen to us because we’ve been bad and naughty, and it’s not God’s fault for allowing it to happen.

When are we going to stop throwing God under the bus for normal life, with its tragedies and tribulations?  When are we going to stop questioning God and the “evil” He created and allows?  When are we going to learn that hardship isn’t an intentional act of God, but it is an opportunity to pull into God for peace to get us through the pain of our stubbed toes?


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7 thoughts on “Stubbed Toe

  1. Yet, another great story. Another good, “food for thought”, moment from our multi-gifted sister in Christ. Wisdom that can lead us to see life through a pair of correction lenses. I just love every new pair of correction lenses you so willingly share.

  2. You always have a great point of view and your stories help us to see the beauty of God around us and how all of it, even the pain, is part of the process. Thanks Sherry.

  3. Come on now! How about what Adam had to do putting up with Eve. Example Eve: Dearest Adam? Adam: What Eve? Eve: Do you like the solid green fig leaf of the more softer green with some shades of yellow? Adam: The green one. Eve: Don’t you like the softer green with yellow? Adam gives up and runs into the garden where he stubs his little toe. Eve runs to help Adam and says my dearest Adam see what God can do to you when you don’t treat me nice? Adam: OK the more softer green with some shades of yellow. Eve: What’s wrong with the all green fig leaf cry tears cry tears. Adam: I love you, XOXOXO

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