Watching Swallows Pray

Recent I went to a retreat, that I’ve refered to as the Naked Retreat (which meant getting spiritually naked, not physically). The retreat was exactly what I thought it would be, and in the same breath – it was nothing like I expected. 


And I’m still trying to digest and put into words what it was like.  I promise to tell you about it.  But right now I feel much like a hot pan of brownies fresh from the oven; too hot to consume, still a little giggly and unsettled in the middle, and time is needed to sit still and let the effects of cooling make me a little more manageable.  I can’t even really talk about it yet – I’m gutted.  I knew this would happen, so the depth of my unsettledness shouldn’t surprise me.  But it has.  And a dichotomy of being washed over with peace lingers too, I don’t want it to go away… but real life often steals this from us bit-by-bit after we’ve vacationed / retreated / etc…  I’ll see what I can do to keep my peace.  And one thing that always helps is music.

Today I wanted to share with you some of the music I heard at the retreat.  The artist’s name is Jeff Johnson, and the best I can describe his music is, spiritually moving.





He’s a wonderful piano player and a skilled vocalist.  His music company is called “Ark Music” and on his site you can sample his music. During one point at the retreat he played an instrumental piece called “Gethsemane”.  I sat there, gulping down as hard as I could so I would not sob out loud. I listened to him sing a song he wrote called “Circle Me”, and it was like being wrapped in a snuggly blanket with a cool breeze on my face.

Yeah, I was into it. You probably had to be there.

Anyways, I’m listening to his music today in an attempt to keep “the peace” going.  So I’m sharing his music with you today for a visual (and audio) treat: Watching Swallows Pray.


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7 thoughts on “Watching Swallows Pray

  1. Lovely how this music guides your thoughts but doesn’t interrupt them. I could work or clean or rest or even read with this music in the background and feel peaceful.

  2. LOVE THE MUSIC. I don’t know how you can always find music to go along with what you write.

  3. Wow! I guess I should have closed my eyes and visualized more. What a beautiful video to express the music and the freedom one longs for. He was AWESOME but I’m still not so sure about those bells which rang in the start and close of his amazing gift.

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