You were wrong, I still had faith

One of the craziest things I’ve ever had someone say to me was, “You know what you need?  You need more Jesus.”

First off, I thought I had all the Jesus I could possibly get.  Maybe I’m wrong, but isn’t Jesus a 100% thing or a 0% thing – there is no in-between. Just like there’s no being a little bit pregnant. Anyways…

After I stewed over that statement for some time, feeling judged and betrayed and wrongfully proselytized at – I figured, no one’s perfect… and I just let it go.  But in the back of my head I always wondered if it was just a bad slip of the tongue or if that person really thought I didn’t have enough faith. Enough Jesus. Because if so, then they were wrong, I still had Jesus…I still had faith.  Maybe I was in a bit of a funk – but I still had my faith.  And that’s one of my favorite lines in this song I’m sharing with you today.

I have a rocker-chick in my heart, always have.  I love big hair bands, grunge, and metal.  As such, one of the groups I’ve followed is Live.  R.I.P. Live, R.I.P…  Live had these incredible lyrics – and even though they were mainstream, there was this huge spiritual element to their lyrics. Oh and yes they had a sprinkling (or dumping) of curse words, just like Linkin Park, but the whole is still awesome, so I can deal with the occasional f, s, & d words. In fact it was one of Live’s songs that cleared some fog in my head that convinced me to jump in the church’s hot tub (aka: getting baptized).  Yes, God uses every element on the Earth for His purposes. But that song and resistance to getting baptized is an entirely different story for a different day.

Anyways Live no longer exists (thus the R.I.P.).  And not that I want to get into a debate – but my personal opinion is that Live was great because of Ed Kowalczyk, the lead singer, the lyric writer.  The band has parted ways with Ed – probably because he’s an ego-maniac, at least that’s what they claimed.  But if I was Ed, my ego would also be the thorn in my side. Anyways, he writes lyrics and music like no ones business.  His first solo CD called Alive is fresh from the delivery room, and the single pre-release was a song called Grace.  That’s todays Visual (Audio) Treat.  Enjoy…  (oh an Ed left out any naughty words for this song – big thanks Ed! )

spend a little time standin on the front lines and you really cant talk at all your mind begins to wonder is there any love at all the photographs you took yeah there was somethin in their eyes every saint used to be a sinner every man used to be a child you said it was all in inside my mind you were wrong there was grace you saw the enemy I saw your face people like you and I spinnin through space you were wrong I still have faith everytime I feel the sunshine I thank the Lord up above for seein somethin I couldnt see at all comin down hard the feelins all gone where are we gonna hide my wings are feelin clipped now and all I wanna do is fly somethins gotta give get up stand up see through it gotta get this message to you you said life dont mean a thing that theres no reason left to dream  

PS: I’d love my church’s worship team to cover this.  CJ you know this is right up your ally – let’s do this thing!


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5 thoughts on “You were wrong, I still had faith

  1. I’m with you, Sherry, on the 100% or nothing mentality. I know a lot of people say their faith has diminished or their faith is building. I disagree. I say you either have faith or you don’t. What diminishes or grows is called confidence. Thanks for sharing . . . again!

  2. Hello to my free-spirited sister! This one, like so many others, really touched me this morning while waiting for the clock to tick down, heading out the door for my appointment. Timing is GREAT!

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