God, FB Fakers, and Lady Gaga

Preface (or warning): If you don’t do “Facebook” this post is gonna read really weird. Now on with the ranty ramble.

It’s probably a sin in someones book; but I think I have sworn off quoting God, Paul, Jesus, and the Testaments crew on my Facebook updates.  I say “I think” because I didn’t set out to do this, but I realize I have not done it for a while, and I know the reason why.

I got kinda fed up with it…   Not God or the lot, certainly not, but with the alive people who are constantly quoting Him/them.  I have hidden these friends, and no you’re not one of them – trust me you’re not.  I promise.  I swear. You’re not.

Here’s the deal, I really do appreciate the occasional Psalm, Gospel, and even a little Song of Solomon to spice up the day (okay, that last one – not really); and I get email devotionals that are like a pep-talk for the day. But when it comes to social networking – I really like to see what’s up in your life – that’s why we are Facebook friends. I like to know that your cat just threw up on your book, that you just posted a new great story/picture, or have a new favorite song, that you think Starbucks made your drink with 3 extra shots of espresso, and are sharing the funniest video you’ve ever seen. And I do appreciate the occasional quote that overwhelmed you in that moment. See, I like knowing what’s up with YOU.  But when all you do is preach and post memory verses on Facebook, I think that you are a Wall of China, and I wonder why you don’t let your hair down and get real.  I wonder what’s going on with you and what’s up with the Bible quoting mask?  I wonder, “what the heck is wrong with you, I know God is a part of everything, but really? really? really, do you have to go on like you do…and have no balance?” 

And when I think there is no balance, I feel like I have to help and add weight on the other side of the scales to even things out on my page…proving that Christians are normal people who don’t go around chanting and quoting God all day.  We are funny, serious, happy, sad, and wild (if you are me), and the whole gamut of Ecclesiastes 3:1-8 . If you don’t recall that scripture just refer to the lyrics from the song by The Byrds “To everything turn, turn, turn – there is a season turn, turn, turn”.  There is a time for everything.  There is balance.   And of course acting in my own little bubble, not knowing what I’m doing, I think I’m helping Christian and mankind by balancing out the Facebook world by swearing off Bible quotes as status updates.

There is a great chance that I’m a complete idiot in my thoughts.  But hey, God made me that way so back off.  (gosh, I love getting to use that line – just can’t argue with God!)

Then the other day I was given a Facebook suggestion to be a fan or like or subscribe to Lady Gaga.  I don’t know how Facebook comes up with its suggestions, but usually they are spot on, which is really a bit frightening that Facebook understands me more than I understand myself.  ANYWAYS, there is Lady Gaga with her 15,895,140 people who “Like This”. And even two of my friends (okay Junior High girls) like the Gaga.   And I got to wondering about balance in the social networking world, so I typed in the search box “God”.  He’s got a couple groups, and so I’m glad He’s keeping hip with Facebook, but His biggest group only has 3,432,951 fans (aka: people who like this). And I think I actually said out loud, “Holy Crap God – Lady Gaga is beating You.”  Talk about a lack of balance!  Then I thought that I must have got the group thing wrong, so I searched for “Jesus” because He is pretty popular and a bit more relevant.  Jesus would use Facebook. So I began to type:

click click  J  E  S  U  S  say a prayer and {enter} …

He had lots of pages too, seems He couldn’t get anyone on board with one solid group, which really seemed like the problems with the church as a whole and it’s various denominations.  But Jesus’ biggest group called “Jesus Christ is our Savior” had 1,337,394 members; still a far cry from a girl in her skivvies singing about a Bad Romance with Alejandro. Reaching a balance of God and secular and neutral suddenly seemed impossible; everything not God was heavy on the scales. And I thought that maybe this would explain why my quoting friends were never saying how they felt about anything, or talking about their life – music – events – and such, but rather just repeating scripture and insightful stuff from God’s champions. It was all for balance with Lady Gaga and her lot.

Although honestly, I knew that wasn’t true, they were just Facebook Fakers, hiding themselves behind a veil of thin, lightweight, opaque paper found in every pleathered Gideon Bible in every Motel 6.  And I also knew that me thinking they were attempting to even the scales on Facebook was me trying to practice a smidge of grace, which does not come easy for me and was an offered grace just about as fake as their status updates. 

Every now and then I unhide those friends to see if they’ve gotten real yet, and eventually I hide them again. Quote after quote they continue and I’m too wimpy to unfriend them.  And it’s not that I really want to end our friendship, but again, rather, I want to know about you.  Because you are awesome and I love knowing about real-messed-up-joyful-witty-hilarious-infectious-you.


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14 thoughts on “God, FB Fakers, and Lady Gaga

  1. Social networking on Facebook is exactly like attending a party except that you don’t have to dress up. Or rather, it’s OK to wear what you wore to your last real party because the best profile pictures come from your last real party. All the same rules of conduct apply. The most popular people are funny. Friends hurl fake insults at each other, exaggerate wildly, and make sure that they keep their real feelings and issues close to their chests. Private chats are reserved for the back bedroom (send a message).
    Imagine someone coming up to you at a party and quoting scripture. What do you? Duck into the ladies’ room?
    When I first joined Facebook I almost quit because my initial letters to my old friends were ignored or answered in one liners. I looked around and everything was trite on everyone’s “wall”. I have to say that now I have acclimated and I find it fun to joke around on FB but I still think it is a poor substitute for real friendship. But it’s an open invitation to everyone’s mini party. Come with your mask on.

    • Agreed! My favorite FB people, and in general, are those who are unabashedly real. I’m not saying it’s good to air dirty laundry – but being real is a priceless thing that seems hard to come by.

  2. Acts 16:37

    But Paul said to the officers: “They beat us publicly without a trial, even though we are Roman citizens, and threw us into prison. And now do they want to get rid of us quietly? No! Let them come themselves and escort us out.”

    Verse for the day. (It’s weird here behind this mask).

  3. I think people in general hide behind many masks because it’s easier than being “real.” Whether on FB or in person, most people find it difficult to take off the mask, strip down naked and just be themselves. Maybe, some of those scripture quoting Face Bookers you refer to haven’t quite figured out who they really are so they are being as real and genuine as they can be. I can’t wait to get my blog up and going because sister . . . have I got some real and funny for you! I’m just as messed up as everyone else and I don’t mind bearing it all!

  4. You wouldn’t think it but I’ve wasted all day digging for some content articles about this. You might be a lifesaver, it was an good read and has helped me out to no end. Cheers!

  5. Sherry….I actually have been struggling with NOT posting on my blog because I can be nothing else but real….but had not yet given myself permission to just all-out GO FOR IT! I feel inspired. Thank you! I am in LOVE with your blog and your posts…….thanks for sharing yourself with us and giving us permission to share ourselves with you! It’s a beautiful thing! ❤

  6. And P.S. I have for a long time boycotted clicking “like” on any of the “religious” (and I find them pressuring as well) groups. They just don’t seem “real” to me. I would FAR rather hear how your heart is truly doing, and find FB to be a wonderful connecting place where I have found some fantastically deepening friendships…..even through the posts, in addition to I-m-ing (is that correct?? I don’t know!?!?! lol ) and inboxing. It is just WONDERFUL to be allowed into anothers’ personal space and hear their heart and ups and downs and ins and outs. I feel so honored by those who will share themselves with me….and feel so loved when they respond kindly to my sharing myself with them. My self as I truly am. I can no longer live with the mask. I did it for years and HATE IT WITH ALL OF MY HEART. So……all this to say…..thanks. Thanks again…..it’s just wonderful! 😀

    • Chellee – many, many thanks. It is truly not easy being myself some days. There are people who get very uncomfortable with authenticism in Christians. At least it keeps me on my toes. 🙂 Thank you again for the “likes” 😀

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  8. I happened to stumble across this website searching for something different, glad I stumbled into it though. Very interesting.

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