Snippet: Like Riding a Bike

If there is one thing I’m learning about life, the paths we take are not always easy ones.  Sometimes it seems like the drama, chaos, bad news, hard times, and struggles never stop. But I’ve also learned, it does absolutely no good to sit down and have a pity party (that is, for an extended period of time).  There is a point when you just have to pull yourself up and keep on, keeping on.

Today’s snippet of advice reiterates that sentiment…


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10 thoughts on “Snippet: Like Riding a Bike

  1. yep you are right Sherry. I had that party for about 31 yrs. And no one but me was there. Just know you have alot of friends out here who love you and support you. And by the way as you know i really did go out and buy a bicycle. I still aint putting no girly stuff on it though. Maybe you should go out and get you one and decorate it. As far as im concerned we never get to old for that kind of stuff. I rode mine 8 miles yesterday and loved every minute. Helps me to think.

    • Thanks David – although I still suggest those handle bar tassels – I’ve seen some m.e.a.n. looking bikers with those… or at least go with the the old fashion playing card clothes-pinned to the spokes! 🙂

  2. Balance . . . hmmmmmm. You are absolutely right, we need to keep on moving. Just remember, too much weight on the front wheel and over the handle bars we go. Too much weight on the back wheel and we’re flat on our back!

  3. While riding your bike, be careful not to look at the flowers too long on your right or left side or you may run into a tree.

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