I’m quite sure I’ve shared this song once before… But today I want to bring it to light again.

The song is called Bring on the Wonder by Susan Enan. When I first heard this song on a TV show (Bones) about four years ago, I was enchanted; enraptured. After searching the internet I found a copy, and then proceeded to play it on my iPod for the next several days. In 2009, Susan’s CD was released and the song was out for all to hear. And now it’s getting a well deserved rebirth due to its placement on Sarah McLachlan’s new CD.

As I played this song over and over, it sank down into my fibers. It spoke of so many things to me; and while I don’t think it was the artist’s intention – I found a type of Holy presence in the lyrics, it was bitter-sweet. It held a fragile type of pensive hope. It has become one of my go-to songs when my blistered heart needs a soothing salve, a little bit of merciful Divine wonder, and some readjustment of the rudders.

Anyhoo, the way the video was made, it’s not much of a “visual treat” – but it’s a very VERY good song.



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