God is…

It’s hard to remove the child-created image of God from my mind.  He is an old and wise man in a white robe with sandals sitting on a big throne amongst the clouds in the sky; and when I am at His feet, I am the size of an ant.

This has become my embedded vision of God and judgment day.

Our childhood imaginations are strong and our minds are like ShamWow, super shammy sponges soaking up everything we come across.  So it stands to reason that if you care one iota about your child’s knowledge of faith (or what is going on in Sunday School) then you’d better get involved. But that’s really not the point of where I’m going today – I’m just sayin’ that for most of us, our images of God are formed as children – and those images tend to stay with us no matter how much more sophisticated and mature we become as we try to wrap our heads around who God is.

Often I get to thinking about the image of God, in adult ways. And I’m not sure what to think. But my gut tells me, if I really knew what God looked like – the actual form of God – it would blow my mind away; thus all the references to “not being able to see God’s face” in the Bible holding their truth.  But if I slow down, stopping to see the world from God’s majestic view, then I can clearly see Him in the day-to-day things.

I see God in…

My husband, asleep in bed with a cold. Yes, I see God there. First as the amazing man my husband is, his quick thinking and mental strength in the toughest times – God made that. And even in my most feminist-strong-willed points of view, I understand the natural order of men and women and marriage that God ordained. While my husband may not tear up with me during a chick-flick, and even poke a little fun of me when I get sentimental over silly things, I see my husband is a source of strength when I am weak. And I can see that’s exactly how God planned it to the depths of every X and Y chromosome. Aside from stereotypes that hold true for male and female traits, there is something even more amazing God built into our DNA.  As my husband lay asleep half snoring from the awful cold he has, his body is healing. God made our bodies in such amazing ways, that He gave us the ability to heal from bruises, cuts, broken bones, heartache, and even the common cold. I see God’s masterwork in our bodies, and at 1:52 am in my slumbering congested husband.

Forests of ferns. I have a fascination with ferns, so naturally I love to be in the John Muir Woods National Park, which is covered in ferns and moss. Tall redwoods umbrella the forest into quiet and seclusion; the most magical life exists under these ancient and hardy trees. It is a Holy sanctuary with song birds, banana slugs, chipmunks, insects, and snakes. And when I’m there I can’t help but feel like I’m in God’s favorite terrarium that He planted Himself. I imagine there are parts of the world that God had a bit more fun with than others, places where He took a second glance and imprinted His wonder and beauty. This would be one of those places. The wind seems like God’s spirit caressing the trees and babbling brooks flow as a reminder of living water that never ceases. If there is any place where the rocks cry out, “Blessed is the King…in heaven and glory in the highest” – then this is the place and God is truly there.

Children, even naughty ones. I was blessed, yes blessed, to watch my oldest nephew be born. That moment changed me, and I will always be thankful to have been a part of that moment. It was a gift from my sister-in-law, and truly a gift from God. And while I know a miracle forms in a mother’s belly for many months, it’s not till that first breath that I absolutely understand the wonder of God. That is where I see the difference between the miracle of birth between humans and any other animal. That very first breath in a human, to me, is the breath of God, the instantaneous creation of a soul… and not a mere moment before. It’s nothing that science can find nor explain, and thus the most mysterious of things always comes down to an explaination of God. A created soul, that is God. I can’t help but be filled with wonder at little new fresh souls, just like Mary must have felt when she held her precious baby Yeshua (Jesus). I’m absolutely certain that there were days “precious Yeshua” flipped out Mary – He would spill the milk, forget to close the door, track mud into the house, and leave his dad’s carpentry tools to rust out in the rain. In essence He had His naughty moments, which has nothing to do with sin. Just a child learning the ropes of life, one bumbling step and mistake after the other. As such, I see children as God’s most amazing creatures, souls born without sin, a clean slate, a fresh start, a free will (that will eventually sin). No wonder Yeshua loved the children so – they are nearly the closest physical thing to God we can encounter.


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  1. I too, was blessed to witness a birth, that of my granddaughter. It was the most amazing, exciting, unexplainable thing I have ever seen. I wept at the beauty of this tiny human being crying out. She will be three in November and every day with her is purely a gift from God. I tell my son that she was not a gift for him but rather for me. Her soul belonging to God and shared with me. Nothing is as beautiful as that.

  2. How true about the origins of our God images. I see the images of the cartoon God from Monty Python and the Holy Grail as my foundational God image! (I know, hilarious, right!) I am grateful now for the personal experiences of the Divine and the writings of prophets and mystics that invite us to allow God to reveal God’s Self to us in limitless and wonderful ways. I have now been attuned to inquire, “WHERE IS GOD in THIS?” or “How is God being revealed in this?” I now see and experience God in the energy that turns a tiny acorn into the magnificent oak, or the energy that makes a volcano erupt. I also know God in my breath, in the beating of my heart, in the sweet, sweet smell of a newborn baby’s head. God is everywhere, in everything, continually expressing Godself in all that is. AMAZING!

    Lauri Lumby
    Authentic Freedom Ministries

  3. I like your image of God. I see god in everything, but I always try remind myself to see god in mistakes and accidents. We often get ourselves so screwed up with the idea that we know everything and know what perfection is, that I think the only way the we can receive guidance is through what we perceive as accidents and mistakes.

    Have a nice day.C:)

  4. Hey Sherry. Yet another great reflective post. If it’s ferns you’re into you really need to to come and have a holiday in New Zealand (good exchange rate at the moment)

    Check out http://www.tourismnewzealand.com/ – note the fern on the website

    We have ferns eveywhere – even in my backyard. I’d be happy to take you for a tour of our finest Wellington fernaries (made up name for fern houses).

    Have a nice weekend 🙂

    • David – I hope one day I get to “holiday” that part of the world… and dont’ be surprised if you get an email from me saying”… hey remember when you offered a tour….” 😀

  5. Hello Sherry, I’ve just joined the BLOG Nation. I’m so new at this, I haven’t gone public with my blog page as of yet. So I guess it’s somewhat unfair to read other bloggers, and not have one of my own to share. It will come. Being a neophyte in all of this; writing and sharing my thoughts make me a bit timid. I was introduced to your Blog Page through WordPress.com. I’m guessing it’s a new blog sit that has some great features that I don’t know of yet. But anywho, as I browsed through a number of blog pages on the Word Process sit, I ran across your page. For starters, I’ve subscribe to your blog page for now, until I find another blogger that’s as interesting. I like two things about what I’ve seen so far on your blog sit: Your page setup and I like two of the blogs you’ve shared; “Who is making these rules” & “God Is”. I hope that I’m as interesting as you are when I start sharing; reading some of your responses is quite interesting. That’s what I enjoy reading, people who are not afraid of being opinionated, and yet not be afraid of those reciprocal opinions of your views. So keep’m coming, you have an audience.

    • ..thank you much! I’ve really enjoied setting up the blog, and of course writing new posts is always fun. But like you, the comments – especially when the opinions are strong – are my favorite part of the whole process. Blog community is such a wonderful thing 😀 I wish you many happy adventures in blogging and writing.

  6. “In the faces of our friends he is obvious”. A friend of mine wrote that and that is my new image of God.

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