Far Far

This week I am at a writer’s conference. I wanted to share the song of my heart with you.

Far Far by Yael Naim

Far far, there’s this little girl, she was praying for something to happen to her
Everyday she writes words and more words,
Just to spit out the thoughts that keep floating inside
and she’s strong when the dreams come cause they…
…take her, cover her, they are all over
The reality looks far now, but don’t go…

How can you stay outside? There’s a beautiful mess inside…

Far far, there’s this little girl,
She was praying for something good to happen to her
from time to time there are colors and shapes dazzling her eyes,
…tickling her hands…
they invent her a new world with oil skies and aquarelle rivers
but don’t you run away already, please don’t go oh oh

Take a deep breath and dive – there’s a beautiful mess inside

Far far there’s this little girl,
she was praying for something big to happen to her
Every night she hears beautiful strange music
it’s everywhere there’s nowhere to hide
But if it fades she begs “oh Lord don’t take it from me, don’t take it”
She says, “I guess I’ll have to give it birth, to give it birth
I guess, I guess I have to give it birth

I guess I have to, have to give it birth…
there’s a beautiful mess inside and it’s everywhere
Just look at yourself now, deep inside,
Deeper than you ever dared
There’s a beautiful mess inside
Yes, the story to tell, lies within each of us, it’s not outside of us. It’s tucked into the smallest corners of our hearts – and we are all beautiful messes that need to take chances to be vulnerable, exposed, and shared.

I do my sharing through words.

How do you share?

Do you dare to share?

Maybe it’s time to give it birth…

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6 thoughts on “Far Far

  1. Inside or outside . . . let the beauty spill forth . . . words . . . thoughts . . . feelings . . . void . . . just enjoy the beauty. And enjoy your time there. You are obviously at a critical high point for creativity in your life. Run with it! 🙂 Michelle Klauer

  2. Tears filled my eyes as I listened to this song. (My new Fav, I might add) As always Sherry, you nailed it! Enjoy your time at the Ranch. God is using your beautiful mess, girlfriend!
    Praying for all of you this week,

    • Thanks Bridgit – I have a feeling the song would get to any writer. It’s always on our hearts…

      I will be thinking of you and missing you this week. And of course I will be mindful to not have my collected business cards near any toilet 🙂 That is a great story, I will NEVER forget!

  3. That’s just a beautiful mess and way better than a hallelujah! Great way to start the day.

    Just finished another poem if you feel like some six line stanza (I don’t even know what that means but it sounds really good!)

    Have a great week Sherry.

  4. Sherry, just had to check out your blog site.
    It is gorgeous, really done beautifully, fulll of heart, a wonderful blend of depth and vulnerability with a nice dash of fun,

    Feels professional, but personal and as artistic as you are….

    I’ve been so blessed by our lives crossing and our prayer times together.

    luv, me

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