Kittens and Crows

Every now and then I run across a video-clip that I feel the entire world needs to see.

Sometimes I feel the video is so important, and timely, that I forego a typical Friday’s post to take the opportunity to share what I’ve seen.

Today is that day. Today I ask that you spend the next 7 minutes watching this video, and possibly sharing it with others.

My story-telling, allegorical-thinking-style-mind finds at least three life-lesson-illustrations hidden in this video.

So, what do you see? Care to comment? Your comments are read (and enjoyed) by all   😀

Hope your weekend is beautiful, and if you’re a crow–I hope you find a kitten, and if you’re a kitten–may you find a crow. And if you’re the old couple that takes in the stray, feeds and cares, and still lets the kitten play with the crow–then God bless your heart!

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5 thoughts on “Kittens and Crows

  1. I watched this with my boys.
    My 7 year old wants to comment: “That’s insane!”
    My 4 year old’s comment: “That was a little bit funny”
    We were all amazed that born enemies could be best friends.
    Thanks for sharing! 🙂

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