Thank You Bloggers

Dear Fellow Bloggers (and commenters, and Facebook status updaters, and Tweeters) I read and love,

Today marks the 300th post of Soiled Wings. Wild. So I wanted to say thank you – to you.

Thank you for using social media.

Thank you for living in the Velveteen Rabbit world with me.

Thank you for being real.

Thank you for showing life’s bitter-sweet journey.

Thank you for showing your dysfunction.

Thank you for using appropriate profanity.

Thank you for making me laugh.

Thank you for not letting insecurity eat you alive.

Thank you for finding the way to express the words…
…hidden deep in my head
…and heart.

Thank you for talking about Jesus.

Thank you for your humbleness.

Thank you for pushing the envelope.

Thank you for not letting the hate mail (or comments) stop you.

Thank you for posting when you thought you had nothing to say…
…because in those posts you did.

Thank you for not letting the lack of traffic stop your determination to write.

Thank you for showing your art, your journal, your world.

Thank you for leaving a comment (or responding to one).

Thank you for taking that picture with your little ol’ camera.

Thank you for posting that video.

Thank you for NOT giving up your writing even when life was unfair…
…and the house brunt down,
…you lost your breast and hair,
…your computer was stolen,
…your divorce got messy,
…you had to take lithium,
…your mom died,
…your child keeps regressing into themselves,
…your business is suffering or gone,
…your spouse confessed they are gay,
…you’re hanging by a thread of hope.

Thank you for being brave,
…for being a role model,
…for choosing to be one out of a zillion blogs.

Because something you write, and how you write it, captures my heart.

You are different.

You matter.

And so for today, I wanted to thank you.

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9 thoughts on “Thank You Bloggers

  1. And THANK YOU SHERRY, for writing about even the hardest of subjects with a measure of kindness, humor and love.
    THANK YOU for opening your heart and your life to us….letting us get a glimpse of the parts of you others would sometimes prefer to hide. And with that glimpse, we see God and hope.
    THANK YOU for being honest and real and an inspiration to those who have the privilege of getting to know you through “Soiled WIngs”.
    You’ve made the world just alittle smaller and alittle more intimate. Its a pleasure to get to meet with you every Friday.
    God bless you.

  2. Thank YOU my friend for being my main source of inspiration and wisdom about Jesus and life! I’m happy to say I have read all 300 posts and they are usually the highlight of my week.

  3. Sherry, I have failed to do many of those things. No, too strong. I have yet to establish them. I have seldom succeeded to put my inner thoughts into words nor to push myself to post when I felt like I had nothing to say. I have let fear & lack of traffic lessen my determination to write. But hey, I’m still a newbie at this – & I DID write sometimes. I AM taking baby steps & I am building the habit. And I am watching and learning from people like you. So I thank YOU!!! …for being my friend, but also for being an inspiration and an example.

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