Eternal Bride


I can’t even pray

I lay in bed

disappearing into the folds

thinking about the fact

that I’m not speaking

I try to start and I just can’t

and in the same moment it’s clear

that I am thinking



is this some type of prayer

or quiet communion?

does it still count…

so that I am not perceived as giving You

the silent treatment?

like an old man and his eternal bride

walking along a shaded path

side by side




yet volumes are spoken

in what is not said.

is that still us?

while my prayer voice is broken




that I loved You less

it only meant that I have said

all I can

in this moment

of a drawn out season

as I am


beyond the youthful dew of my skin

my soul

and bones

feel old.

no one told me

on that beautiful day

after donning my wedding white

I’d be scaling mountains

and wandering the desert.

while the hem of my dress

is stained and torn

I am still

walking by Your side

staying on the path

trying to keep the cadence

of Your feet

trying to honor my vows

as Your eternal bride.

Copyright © 2009- 2011 Sherry Meneley . All Rights Reserved . . . soiled wings

6 thoughts on “Eternal Bride

  1. Love the different “style” today. Another beautiful piece of work that I can relate to.

  2. Sherry, this is incredibly beautiful. The picture of the feet grabs my heart, too, and makes me think of my daddy who used to let me stand on his feet. Yah, I know that’s kind of mixing the metaphors (groom or daddy) but it’s something like “Dancin’ with my Father God in fields of grace.” I just remembered that I wrote something about that once. I might need to read that again.

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